How will you react if Hock

wins a Super Bowl with the Vikings and becomes a major cog for them over the next 5 years?

After Stafford last year, and if Hock wins this year, we will be known as the team that gets other teams over the hump. Being the Lions it’s probable to happen.

I sure hope James Mitchell is ready and able soon.

Don’t you mean when?


Ill be honest

whatever personally, this team aint doing it anyway in the short term

but i also doubt vikings win it either rn

AFC is too stacked, NFC still has teams that they would struggle with (they havent played the giants or Cowboys yet), and i think the 49ers will give them issues aswell.

Similar to the eagles i think they are benefitting off an easier schedule rn (Dolphins had 3rd string qb replaced by second string, Cardinals imploding, Saints with Andy Dalton, us).

Not to discredit them entirely, good team, but they have benefitted from some stuff going their way and from other teams shooting themselves in the foot as of right now

Second half of the schedule will test them (Commanders, Bills, Jets, Giants, Cowboys, Pats), and i think we will get our answer around christmas if the team can get to it or not


Stafford is different. He was a QB…he was here for 12 years…and he was in the driver’s seat to their Super Bowl run. Hock is different. He was here for only 3.5 years and he would be a passenger on a Vikings Super Bowl run. And as Lions fans we will always grade Hock on a curve as long as he isn’t a Lion. So he can catch for 700 yards per year but if he makes a few good plays in primetime and in the playoffs he will be deemed “worth it” for fans even though the same play would be considered mismanagement and overpaying if he were a Lion.

Overall for me I wish him the best…and I am not just giving lip service to that. I really hope he gets to enjoy winning and even feels what its like to win a playoff game. Then I hope he resigns to a big money deal with the Vikings and settles in Minny, because I think he’s the kind of guy that would really enjoy what that state has to offer.


I’d be happy for him. Seems like a good dude and has known nothing but losing since he joined the league. That being said I think it was a good move to trade him. We weren’t gonna make him a top paid TE so money off the cap next year to use and not locked into a massive contract.



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That has virtually no chance of happening.


In the words of Goff… “I’m happy for him”

These guys can’t wait to get out of Detroit.

Why do you say that? They are 6 - 1, can run the ball, can throw the ball, and play good defense. The best team doesn’t always win the SB and I would put the Vikings at the top end of the second tier of teams. Injuries can certainly change outcomes but nearly everyone on this board would at least be entertaining the idea of a deep playoff run if we were 6 - 1 and just acquired a player that we think can help us. The team in the NFC that could give Vikings the most problems are the Eagles, and if Hurts were to get hurt or run into a slump at the wrong time then I would give the Vikings and 49ers about even odds to get to the Super Bowl. Then it’s a one game playoff and anything can happen.


I think the Eagles win the NFC…but the Vikes are peaking at a good time because lets be honest most of the NFC sucks.


So you’re saying Goodell is gonna let the purple win a title? Methinks not.

Also, the purple is overrated, even if they were on a level playing field.
0% worry over having concerns there.
It’s like…how would you feel if you went fishing with the Ragnow, the easter bunny, the Santa, and the tooth fairy, and the tooth fairy caught more trout than all of the others combined.

I just have no feelings toward that.

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How would i feel? I’d feel stoned as hell! You’d have to lick a shit ton of toads for that scenario to exist. There might not be enough in toads in the world… haha

It won’t have any impact on me. Hock is a good player, but he’s going to be getting overpaid soon. The Lions aren’t in a position to splurge like that. I don’t know if Minny is a real contender, but they clearly think they are and adding Hock even if he leaves in free agency is a good move for them.


We’re already the laughing stock and whipping post.
You’re past your prime and can’t get a gig, try Detroit.
If you’re injured and need a paycheck, try Detroit.
If you’re serious about winning, get out of Detroit. It’s never going to happen.
TJ is going to light it up, and good for him.
As for what I’ll do? I’ll root for him like I did for Stafford.
And, I’ll be happy for any player good enough, or lucky enough to get off of this team.
Why should any player have to risk their present and future health so this fake franchise can enrich billionaires that have zero intentions of ever winning?


Vikings nor Hock are that good. They benefited from weak NFC North and soft scheduling so far

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Hahaha. LOL.
“Toad-licking” as you guys put it…that stuff connects you more deeply to spirit and helps you to embody (not just intellectually upgrade), and it shows you deeper truth. It sure as hell isn’t gonna show you a purple title.


How about a Lions title!? That would require some very deep truth.

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Not at this point.
Depends on how they decide to use “the chosen one” and if/when they turn him loose.

Too much time on the sidelines so far…

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Sheila should take note. Fans are so disenfranchised that they are rooting for our players when traded so that those players can at least experience what wining in the NFL feels like.
Sad state of affairs in Lions country, but it is what it is and it’s a byproduct of what your family franchise has given us. The players deserve better. Fans really don’t have to watch.


When you say “the chosen one”, i’m not sure if you are referring to Jesus or Jack Fox!?

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