How YOU can help beat KC! CROWDNOISE

I’ve had an issue with this since BQ took over as GM. It’s still an issue today. And could make a difference on Sunday vs KC and other home games going forward.

Who is going to the game? Not sure how many of you can actually make this happen, but I’ll give it a try!

This is Mahomes FIRST dome game in the regular season! Make him hate it! Yes their O could be even better indoors but we need this crowdnoise to be deafening! And we need to HIT Mahomes!

Put the f#€king # ‘3’ signs DOWN!!! They are a joke! They cripple our crowdnoise potential! One can yell and wave a sign, some just wave the sign… It’s just plain stupid! Put them down and it gets louder! With free hand you can clap or while you yell/scream or better yet whistle super loud!!! Also, you won’t be obstructing someone else’s view and deflecting someone else’s crowdnoise! And ya won’t look like an idiot fan on TV who needs a sign to know what down it is!!! I know it’s only in certain sections, if you’re in it or near it try to explain to the average fan that it works against us!

From KC board!

I used to be a season ticket holder, 4 years and 2012 was the last year I had them. Loudest I heard it was MNF in 2011. It was a more lively and greater % adult crowd than we’ll see Sunday but regardless, those signs hinder our crowdnoise potential.

Would love to see a decibel level reader for the crowd to see!

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I believe a wise man once said, “crowdnoisewinschampionships.”


I do have to say the Lions fans are some of the more passive fans at home games. Other than when I went to Tampa Bay, the other teams fans are nuts at games. The only real passionate fans seem to be in the endzone. I know my section is pretty tame overall.

I dunno, maybe I am still holding a grudge to be told to sit down on a 3rd down by some fans back in 2004.

I thought that was “crowdnoisestealsfantasyleaguefundsandfrickindisappears”


Holy shit, is that what happened to him?


On noes!

Mahomes has probably never crowd noise that a place like Ford Field can generate. Something new to him and if it steals a timeout or two and a couple of offsides, then it’s a point for our side.

That blows. I’m in a league from here and NO ONE EVER POSTS. Not dialogue, trash talk, jokes …
no $$ tho!

Uhhh, he does happen to play 8+ games a year in the loudest stadium in the NFL. Ford Field is a church on its best day compared to Arrowhead, sadly. The Chiefs fans declare Arrowhead an audible free zone. Its the truth. You cant hear yourself think in there, and if they even see the QB trying to talk to call audibles, it gets even louder. Imagine screaming at the top of your lungs, and not hearing yourself at all. Thats Arrowhead

Ill be doing my part anyways, and Im hoping this crowd is as jazzed as it can be. Ive always felt Ford Field is nothing close to what the old Silverdome was in terms of crowd noise.

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Is that what happened to my 2nd place winnings from last year?

Never been to Arrowhead, so can’t comment on that. But do know it gets loud here.


You gotta come down sometime! :smiley:
We will hit up Arrowhead and do some Joe’s KC BBQ. @KCLionsFan Im sure will join in.

Arrowhead is an insane experience. My first ever NFL game was KC vs Bears, where Priest broke the TD record. I thought I knew what loud was. Wasn’t even close. I’ve been to 3 Ford Field games, and its laughable the difference.

Now, I still say Id love to hear what the old Silverdome sounded like. Id always heard it was crazy loud in there, and that FF actually DAMPENS the sound because they wanted to make it more acoustically friendly. If I were in charge, Id be doing everything I could to make it loud in there, and not dampen anything.

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Yea, but he doesn’t have to deal with it while his offense is on the field.

I was wondering what happened to crowdnoise…That’s worse than espnbaby

Been to KC many times (have family in Iola & Lawrence), but never a game. I’ve only seen the Leo’s outside of MI. twice…:-1:

I got pimped. I moved to KC in 2005. I went to Detroit vs KC at FF in 2011, and was super stoked they were coming to Arrowhead in 2015. Then, they moved that game to London. That turned into the bloodbath game, so it wasnt a total loss, but I will have to wait until 2023 for the game to come back to Arrowhead

One interesting thing that Richard Sherman said was he appreciates playing on the road because the guys on defense can communicate better. Having a home field advantage is awesome, but your secondary guys better know what they are doing.

I’m going to guess we are locked in to the 1pm window with no chance of being moved to 4pm?

I have heard it said that Crowd Noise Wins Championships.

Actually, I was at the Lions-Panthers game at Ford Field in 2017, and that was the loudest I’ve heard a Lions home game since I was at the one-and-only playoff win at the Silverdome in '91. And it didn’t phase Cam Newton in the slightest bit. He carved up the Lions and they won, 27-24.

Sometimes the crowd noise thing leads to false starts and stuff. Sometimes it doesn’t.