HSV's 1st Round Mock 1.0

No trades because A. I can’t predict that and B. PFF’s new simulator sucks!!!

  1. CAR - Bryce Young - I buy the rumors they’re changing their mind. Bryce has always been QB1 in this class.
  2. HOU - Will Anderson - I also buy that they don’t want to take Stroud if he’s the one that’s there for them. Young is their guy IMO and I get DeMeco not wanting to hedge his bets on a rookie so early into his tenure.
  3. ARI - Tyree Wilson - Something crazy stupid like this happens seemingly every year (see Travon Walker, Kyle Pitts, Jeff Okudah, etc.)
  4. IND - Will Levis - Levis is such a Colts player IMO. Low risk (seemingly), low reward. The boring franchise takes the boring player who IMO is a bust.
  5. SEA - Jalen Carter - Pete Carroll takes the risk nobody else so far has been willing to.
  6. DET - CJ Stroud - Yeah, I said it. We wouldn’t be doing this much QB homework without genuine interest, so Goff 2.0 will learn behind Goff for a while before he becomes the QB of the future (#unretire7)
  7. LV - Devon Witherspoon
  8. ATL - Peter Skoronski
  9. CHI - Paris Johnson
  10. PHI - Brian Branch - Howie gets his CJGJ “replacement”
  11. TEN - Anthony Richardson - They want to move up to 3 for him, so they’ll certainly take him at 11.
  12. HOU - Jaxon Smith-Njigba
  13. NYJ - Broderick Jones
  14. NE - Bijan Robinson - I also buy these rumors that they’re interested in him
  15. GB - Nolan Smith - The run on Georgia defenders going to Green Bay continues
  16. WAS - Dalton Kincaid - The team that always makes off the wall selections in the first round continues to do so.
  17. PIT - Joey Porter Jr.
  18. DET - Deonte Banks - I feel like Banks is more our speed of a corner than Gonzalez is personally.
  19. TB - Calijah Kancey
  20. SEA - Christian Gonzalez - They jump on the BPA here.
  21. LAC - Quentin Johnston
  22. BAL - O’Cyrus Torrence - Baltimore’s trend of taking highly rated players at low value positions continues.
  23. MIN - Bryan Bresee
  24. JAX - Darnell Wright - Their Jawaan Taylor replacement.
  25. NYG - Jordan Addison - This fit just makes a lot of sense.
  26. DAL - Mazi Smith
  27. BUF - Zay Flowers
  28. CIN - Darnell Washington
  29. NO - Myles Murphy - Doesn’t he just seem like a Saints player to you?
  30. PHI - Lukas Van Ness - BPA pick for the Eagles
  31. KC - Will McDonald IV

You forgot the Dolphins. Here’s a look into their war room during the 1st round.

Bored Season 5 GIF by The Office


If he can play in the style of the vs Georgia version all of the time then people are totally asleep on how high his upside was. Bc he’s a fine athlete. Clearly much more so than Goff.

Stroud and then Gonzo would be outstanding.

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Don’t quit your swing shift job son :joy:

And for the love of god don’t go getting all bent now like others here with zero humor, we can always share a laugh after the draft


Rather than taking Jared Stroud (or is that CJ Goff?), I’d take Anthony Richardson at #6 in a heartbeat. We need a backup QB.

It depends on which Stroud we get. That Georgia version … wow. But I’ve never seen him play like that before. He’s always been precise but the creativity and adaptability took his game up a notch.

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I see no way that Stroud makes it to 6. I would take him if he was there but he won’t be.


Sorry but no immediate impact players drafted in the first would be awful :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Gotta trade down to 12 if this happens

Whats interesting is it shows up in some of his prior film. However, its rare that he did it so it seemed like a one off whenever it happened. The Georgia game was the first time he had to do it a bunch of times in the same game.

And its not just about “his receivers are open” as to why he didn’t do it much. He has the mentality of getting the ball to his playmakers quickly. So he was making throws look easier than they were, while Bryce Young was turning down some of the same throws in favor of running around.


I simply don’t see this front office taking a QB just because he is there at 6 unless they are completely sold on the fact that the player is going to be at the minimum an upgrade on Goff in 18 months time.

Realistically unless they feel that Stroud has perennial pro bowl ability I would be annoyed somewhat if we just settle for a QB at six - if much rather we add talent this year and build out the roster with the 5 picks we have on day one and two to set us up for the medium term at o line, d line and secondary and then give up the farm in 2024 or 2025 draft for the guy they want for the next decade and are going to mortgage their future on.

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I see 3 possibilities at #6:

  1. We draft the best non-QB available and we prepare for a fun 2023. As of today, without the draft, I feel our roster is better than our 2022 roster. Another year for our current youth to develop. The team is fully intact and ready to go.

  2. We draft a QB @ 6. Best case scenario, they are quiet, patient and learn. We still do well in 2023 but some of the fire is gone from Goff. He knows he’s likely to be gone in 2024. He’s a professional and does his job but the full on passion just isn’t there.

  3. We draft a QB @ 6 and worst case scenario ensues. Goff has a bad game (happens to everyone) and the dissension in the ranks begins. Locker room starts to split. End up a sub 500 team. Goff gets traded the next offseason. FA’s that were once flocking to Detroit assume more of a “let’s wait and see” how the new QB does before we commit.

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Deonte Banks can totally be an impact player next year. I don’t see why he can’t be.

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Totally agree but personally I have no clue about what how we view these QBs.


11 is the target

I feel like here’s where we stand with the QBs…

I feel like we’re sold on Stroud.

I feel like we have question marks about Richardson but he’s on the board still.

I don’t think Levis is on our board.

And I think we’ll never find out about Young because we know he’s going in front of us.

If Tenn goes up they will leapfrog Indy…can’t see zona doing that.

Houston GM loves to trades up

I always said Will Anderson , then they go up for QB after since is gone . Stroud at 6 is the guy.

(Even if @JD9 disagrees and says I can’t say I told you so because I thought they would just take Bryce at 2, if Bryce is gone then this is the ideal move for us)

If there is QB sitting at 6 available, the team to keep an eye on is WA. With a new owner, they may want to make a big splash.

Would we move to 16?

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2024 1st and a pick. Absolutely

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Shocking an OSU player falls to Detroit at 6😂. Good effort though HSV even though I’d absolutely hate it.