Huntley only RB in the 2020 class to receive for 1000+ yds

Ultimately this fellow’s argument is that Huntley is more in competition with M. Hall than with Ty Johnson, based upon Huntley’s size and receiving role in college. Favors Ty Johnson for his YPC last year (4.3).

Still hard for me to see both staying on the team, but IF our commitment to run looks will be as it seems, retaining T Johnson & Huntley over someone like Hall might be what the Dr. ordered.

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Last year’s RB group at the end of the season:
Kerryon, Scarbrough, Ty Johnson, Bawden (on IR), McKissic.
This year’s:
Swift, Kerryon, Scarbrough, Ty Johnson, Bawden, Huntley.

I think Swift costs Ty Johnson his job more than Huntley, who was drafted to replace McKissic’s role in the offense.
Not sure what Hall has to do with this, as he’s not the same type of receiver as Huntley.
Hall is a burner out of the slot who makes most of his catches on go routes down the sideline. While Huntley is fast, that doesn’t appear to be his role.


Tell me when the last time a running back, even one who was good at receiving in college successfully became a full time receiver in the NFL?

JD McKissic and Theo Riddick took more snaps at receiver in college than running back yet have always been running backs.

Why do people think this kid is lining up at receiver in the league?

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Concur, my brother. This is exactly what I thought. Huntley is McChapstick, who also can potentially be a massive upgrade on PR/KR.

Outside of speed Ty Johnson doesn’t bring much to the table. The guy has real vision issues but when he does get a hole he can make a big gain. The only reason he made the team last year was due to his speed. He’s a bottom of the roster guy and is more a project than anything. I like his upside but his chances of sticking long term in the NFL are low.

Hall is similar to Johnson. All his brings is speed. But he’s not competing for the same spot at Johnson or Huntley.

I think Hall makes the team because we a need deep threat speed guy.

Ty Johnson is a long shot unless we decide to part ways with Bawden.

Huntley was brought here to take over the McKissick role and to return kicks. I still think Agnew will return punts.

Hall and Huntley are not competing for the same roster spot. They are not even competing for the same offensive snaps. Hall will line up outside and be a vertical receiver. Huntley will line up in the slot and be a short route relief valve type.


Huntley was given a RB number, so he’s going to line up in the backfield most snaps. Sure he may flex out to the slot a lot, but if that was what they saw him as wouldn’t they have given him a WR number?

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Huntley averaged 4 yards per CATCH last year. Hes more of a Mckissic replacement then some great receiving threat. No way he takes Marvin Halls spot.


Of course he’s a RB but just like McKissic, Riddick and TJ Hickenson he will take snaps in the slot.

The article claims Huntley a RB and Hall a WR were competing for the same roster spot. I was showing why they are not competing for the same spot or even the same snaps. As a receiver Hall will be lined up outside and be going deep while Huntley will be in the slot and used underneath.

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Isn’t it a nice feeling knowing that we now have a crowded RB issue.


Yes … this is the best RB rotation since Bush and Bell possibly even since the 90’s.

But then again, last year substitute “RB” with “DL” and I had the same feeling.

Hall indeed runs a lot of deep routes, but he’s mostly running them from the slot position. No I don’t think that Huntley would replace Hall as straight WR. But could he take the same deep plays while retaining variability out of the backfield? The latter, Hall can’t do. I personally think that Ty Johnson would be more likely to go, but if they valued Huntley’s receiving ability as possessing a deep option, it’s possible.


Agreed. Swift nudges (in dramatic fashion) Ty out. Bo backs up KJ. Huntley is a chess piece and does not need to be anyone’s equal from last year’s squad, but if he was, it was McKissic.

Hall is a speed receiver that has lined up inside and out. Cephus is a possession receiver that lines up inside and out. Huntley is a RB that, sure, is good at receiving, but he’s still someone they think can run the ball as well.


I agree with either Ty or Bawden.
Maybe Stenberg gets his feet wet at fullback for a few plays or in Jumbo packages.


lol … gee thanks for that.

I’m kind of sorry I even read that article.

Ty is as good as gone. He’s had his chance…and that’s pretty much why they drafted Huntley, end of story.

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Regarding the original article, so far I count zero people, including me, as thinking Ty Johnson and Jason Huntley as competing for the same role. Who are the “many people”, anyway, and where do they dig up these thoughts.

Never was high on Johnson. “Vision” is underrated and he just does not have it.

Agree w/you, brother

We’ll probably put him on the practice squad just in case we need a RB that knows our offense and we can plug in if need be.

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