Hurts vs Purdy

Jalen Hurts 273 yards 5 TD’s passing 7-1 Oklahoma 42
Brock Purdy 282 yards 6 TD’s passing 5-3 Iowa State 41

Should be a good rematch.


This Brock Purdy guy, he’s fun to watch. Makes a ton of sense why Iowa State struggled so much this year now that he’s no longer there


Well, they struggled mightily his senior season when everyone came back as well, 7-6 although Purdy had a completion rate of over 71%.


Let’s not forget, Tom Brady had to split playing time with Drew Henson in college.


Well, Purdy was a 4 year starter. Lot’s of comparisons to Kurt Warner story but KW only started 1 season at Northern Iowa. Had Iowa State had a decent 2021 Purdy would have never been Mr. Irrelevant. Interesting that in the 2022 draft only 9 QB’s were taken and 3 of those weren’t taken until the 7th round.

I hate that final score for a football game.

Actually check that…

I REALLY hate that final score for a football game.

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Yeah, I felt like the 2022 class was a little deflated in terms of value at some spots. It was almost like a reflection of overvaluing the 2021 class.

Purdy seems like he was ready for the moment, right out of the gates. I believe Kurt when he said he wasn’t ready and needed time to develop and mature. He told Mooch one time on set “you cut me! But you should have cut me, I wasn’t ready.”

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The thing is, once he won MVP in NFL Europe and in the Arena League, he WAS ready. BTW, he only started 1 year in HS as well and although he only started 1 season at UNI, he was named “Gateway Conference”, (now Missouri Valley), “Offensive Player of the Year”.

Absolutely. I just find it refreshing that Kurt was honest about his path. The Packers cut him in 1994. Kurt said he agrees with the cut because he wasn’t ready. Then he spent time in the arena league and NFL Europe after that.

One interesting note is that Kurt Warner was voted as the 12th best arena league football player of all time. The guy who was voted as #1 is Antonio Brown’s dad.

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