Hutch INT should've been TD Green Bay

Watch the video in 0.25 speed!!! And tell me that isn’t a TD Green Bay if Rodgers has time to throw. There is no way you can convince me this is not a TD.

The play was NOT made by Hutchinson. It was made by our DT splitting the RG/C gap and pressuring Rodgers (edit: he split the G/T blocks). He destroys that RG. (watch it in 0.25 speed)

If that pressure isn’t there…Rodgers plants…and throws a TD to a wide open Bahktiari. Instead, Rodgers has a Lion in his face and is forced to make a jumping fade-away throw.

Who is that player? They deserve the credit for that turnover as much as Hutch.


It was a good play all the way around. Hutch called the INT a “freebie.” It wasn’t perfect on his part but I do like the fact that he felt Backtiari slip by him and he started to peel back. If you look closely Backtiari (not giving a fuck about spelling his name right on purpose) was lined up in his normal LT spot. He just happened to have reported eligible. That trick play typically works because players aren’t aware of individual players as much as they are alignment. In this case it was an overloaded line to the right with Backtiari as a “TE” lined up next to the guard.

As far as Hutch getting too much credit, I am okay with that. I like having a player the media gives a fuck about. And I say media and not just fans because of a segment I watched earlier today. They were obviously covering the game in detail, talking about all of the Packers mistakes. They turn to Rodgers answering a question after the game about his 3 INTs and he describes it as 2 bad throws and “a good play by the kid.” I am 99% sure he was talkinig about Kerby Joseph undercutting the pass when he said “a good play by the kid.” But the hosts immediately attributed it to Hutch and spent the next 2 minutes talking about Hutch and the play.


I think that is #96 Isaiah Buggs. Had the goal line package out there so it was McNeill, Jones, Paschal, Buggs, and Cominsky I think? But pretty sure that’s Buggs who rips through and forces that pass.

Definitely a nice play all around


A lot of things can be true simultaneously

  1. Terrible throw by Rodgers
  2. Good play by Hutch
  3. Good play by Hutch’s teammate
  4. OP trying to discredit Hutch for making a good play might be a MSU fan

I am getting to the point that if something bad happens to the offense…I feel like Cominsky was out there one way or the other.


Love it.
I will now call him Back-tiara….

loosely translates to “ass crown”. :rofl:


I guess I could’ve worded the post a little better. Hutch deserves credit…not trying to take anything away from him.

Just trying to shine some light on the real star of the play (Buggs?).

If Rodgers has time to throw…and sets his feet…that is a TD %99 of the time. The throw would have more velocity and accuracy.


You’re also assuming a left tackle can catch! That sure shows how desperate the Packers are for WR’s. Haha he may have dropped it! Great pressure on the play though, whoever that DT was, it wasn’t Alim I can tell you that much.


More than likely a salty OSU fan for how Hutch destroyed them last year.

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Hutchinson is a golden god on this board. But it was still a nice play by him.

One win in how many years? Lets not forget about the fake covid case the year before.

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You can not do it that on this board with the golden god

As he should be, that’s what happens when you play up to your draft status. #1 leader amongst rookies in three major categories

Suh was the same as a rookie, Ziggy Ansah as well

Our rookie SAF Joseph also being treated like a golden god. As he should be

You play well as a Rookie & you’ll be praised on this board. It’s nice when the Lion’s hit on picks, we all know it sure doesn’t happen enough so sure is nice when it happens in our favor


Always Sunny Golden God GIF by hero0fwar


Rodgers mechanics are horrible but he’s been throwing off his back foot for forever…but yesterday, his passes were falling short. One of the guys at work is a GB fan and said that Rodgers has been dealing with a bad throwing thumb…and then it looked like he reaggravated it yesterday (I think it might have been after this play though). But when do you remember Rodgers bouncing passes to his receivers and so many passes just being too low? It happened all day long, not just on this play.

I think it was a good play by Buggs but he didn’t even get his arms up in the air to try and block the pass and/or block Rodgers vision. Had he put his arms up, there might have been an argument for Rodgers having to change the trajectory of his throw up higher which made the pass fall shorter or that Rodgers couldn’t see the receiver and miss-judged the throw because of the defenders arms blocking his view, neither happened though.
I think it was just another example of Rodgers throwing it short, which happened all day. I told the guy at work that I’m sure we’ll hear after the season that Rodgers was dealing with a bum thumb all season.


What is even funnier is watching out 300lb offensive tackle/guard Dan Skipper lining up at WR on our 1st offensive snap, then go in motion and line up at TE, then go in motion again for a counter look


It still blows my mind that a college team “called in sick” because they were scared to play another team. That’s hilarious.

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Skipper is 6’9, he’s a deadly red zone threat, just wait for it!

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I’m a UofM fan but I still like MSU.
I think it’s funny how much hate thin-skinned Sparty fans have against UofM but it’s really not reciprocated by UofM fans.
You are a great example of a bitter, envious Sparty fan.

I for one, wouldn’t care if one of our best, young defenders was from UofM, MSU, or the Univ of Timbucktwo…but you seem to have a real problem with it. It’s kind of funny and sad to see at the same time.

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Well jimmy was gone if they played that game, smart move on his part. Btw i think hes a pretty good coach. That got shit on by the fans.