Hutch to Lions in CBS mock

Hutch to Detroit in this latest mock draft …


Two qbs top 11 wonder how in line this will be with reality, if it is close to the nfl sentiment we may see a qb work his way into conversation for a trade up etc.

Don’t like Ridder at all in rd 1!

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Didn’t make it that far down. Neither do I. Alabama answered a lot of those questions for us.

I hope we take Burks if he is there an then Travon Walker with second rd pick.
We get a O major threat an the DL is now really strong.
There are safety’s an LB in rd 3


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so how many other sites mocked Hutch to the Lions?? guess that’s the next question for me because hell any of them could have said the same --it doesn’t mean chit unless several sites have. , I’d say as much as 7 different ones would-be rather significant.

I’m interested to see Devin Lloyd and both Georgia LBs. I want to see how they stack up.

I think there is a fair chance of a trade down.

If you want your guy, only one way to guarantee that…

Kyle Hamilton a Viqueen - (Pick 12)

Harrison Smith locked up till 2025!

That would be a nasty duo at safety.

I have heard Pickett going first is likely and in the first half of the first round…not sure about Carrol. He may be more popular in mock drafts then in reality…

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Hutch and Burks (who’s available in that mock) would be totally fine.

I think Hou could take a QB. That means someone like CAR maybe willing to try and leap frog Hou to have choice of the QB they want.

If I were DET I would try to sell that. Maybe they can convince Hou to move up one spot.

Houston will be in a similar position next year as Watson is likely done w them either way. They look talent starved and are probably a 5 or 6 win team…they will get a shot at a qb in 23 like us as I think they stick with Mills a year or so.