Is it me or did he have 2 sacks ?

They gave houston the first one

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1, James Houston was credited with the other when they both reached the QB at the same time.


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I would think at worst it should be a half .

Houston, Jacobs, Hutchinson and Cominsky
4 sacks


It was buggs not cominsky


He was definitely in on a couple of them… whether or not he got credited I don’t know but he definitely got at least one for sure.

He’s a leader on our DL

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Cominsky is credited in the Gamebook. Buggs’s agent is demanding a recount :wink:

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Idk, but not matter what happens, he always has one, giant, huge, perpetual sack.


Sacks get reviewed and stats adjusted during the week. I would guess it’ll get adjusted to a shared sack. If anything it looked like it was actually more Hutch’s than Houston’s. Those two though as the speed ends with Paschel and Comisky as the big ends is a great 4-some to move forward with.

The one i saw said buggs let me check again…

Yeah, the one I’m crediting Cominsky with didn’t happen anyway…
3-7-MIN 41 (8:15) (Shotgun) K.Cousins sacked at MIN 39 for -2 yards (J.Cominsky).
PENALTY on DET-K.Joseph, Defensive Holding, 5 yards, enforced at MIN 41 - No Play.

And Hutch really can play both the speed as well as the Big Base role which is why he is so valuable.


And, you’re right, Buggs DID get one.

I was searching the play by play and didn’t find it, but it’s in the final statistics.

Buggs got there late when hutch already had him wrapped up

I do think houstons sack will get adjusted to a half with hutch, watching live i thought it was hutch that really initiated that sack i was surprised when i saw it was credited to houston

I think you’re right. The “sack” for Buggs in the playbook is the forced fumble with Cook.

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Rookie sack leaders in the entire NFL…

#1 - Hutch - 7
#2 - Houston - 4

Please don’t drug test B.Holmes for performance enhancing drugs


I couldn’t be more happier with Hutch!

And to think I was torn between him and Thibs :roll_eyes:

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