Hypothetical Draft…

At #2- Hutchinson was the obvious pick. We had zero trade offers or didn’t want to entertain any, since we ran the pick up. This one was just a no brainer and my dog could have made it.

#32- We obviously traded this pick but trying to see how things would have shaked out if we stayed there. It sounds like the Packers offered #42 and 59 to move up to pick 32. Would we have taken that? I think we would have stayed with the pick and grabbed Lewis Cine or perhaps Logan Hall

#34- With Logan Hall going to the Bucs, we would again be sitting with the Packers trying to trade up for Christian Watkins. If the Lions like me him the most of the WR’s left, we probably stay here and take him. If not, I could see Brad taking the trade and getting #42 and 59. With 42, I think the Lions get Wandale Robinson to get our guy out of the slot. With the other pick at 59, I don’t feel like we missed out on anyone but perhaps we look at grabbing N. Dean at LB or another linebacker like Brian Asamoah.

Pick 66- Looking at what was available to us with where we were sitting depends on what we took previously. I honestly think we might of considered Desmond Ridder or Malik Willis here. Brad Holmes said the QB’s went right around where he thought they would, perhaps we would have snagged one of them here. Jalani Woods (TE) or Benard Raimann (OT) would have been nice value too.

Going back through, I believe our draft could have been Hutchinson, Cine, Robinson, Dean, and Willis.

Pretty nice looking draft but I am still happy with our haul.

What are all your thoughts? What do you think the Lions “would have” done, not what you would do?


Can you tell I am going through withdraws this morning….seriously, I am mildly depressed. Gonna be a long offseason.


Never too early to start working on your 2023 mock draft, lol

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Yeah I already ran a few on the simulator Lols
What wrong with me ?


Haha hopefully the Lions aren’t picking in the top 10 again.

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Well, I think the lions would pass on a small, injury-prone LB who wasn’t a scheme fit (Dean) as they did. They have told many people, and I have said it several times, that they do not value LB’s the way everyone else does apparently.

I think the Lions would have been aggressive and traded up to get a difference-maker at WR considering how poor they were at the position last year. They couldn’t afford to take a chance on Watkins. They need a bonafide stud, and that’s what they got. The best WR in the draft.

I think they pass on QB especially so early. They passed on QB several times when they had a chance to get one. They didn’t like any of the qbs. To quote an Allen Park individual who was in the know when asked if a qb was in play on day 2 he responded “c’mon bro, you are smarter than that”

Always thought the lions would double up on DE it was that bad last year and that big of a concern.


I see you been there too. Lol

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So in order to feed the addiction: article on next years QBs. On the assumption the Lions decide to part ways with Goff (for financial or performance reason), how many on the list are better than Pickett or Willis?


Did we not take Malcolm Rodriguez in the draft. If they don’t like small LB’s, not sure why they would waste a pick on a guy like him. They love football guys and Dean fits that bill. Learned Georgia defense in two days. I think we actually would have been players for Dean but had no picks in the area where he went. Just my opinion.

Briefly, for 60 seconds or so Thursday night, I was aghast that my greatest fears might become the Lions’ reality.

Louis Riddick was yapping that the Lions wouldn’t have traded up 20 spots for anything other than a QB. My fear was that Brad and Dan had taken the glistening cheese and that they weren’t in fact “smarter than that.”

Can’t tell you how overjoyed I was when the Commissioner confirmed my belief that they are indeed “smarter than that” and that they’re continuing to build this thing the right way. If this team gets to the playoffs and Goff can’t take us any further, then we make a move to unlock that final door.

Until then, thank God they look to be operating quite a lot differently than most all of our previous regimes!


That’s an interesting offer. I think if I would have taken that deal. That was a sweet spot to get talent.

This is exactly, 100% how I felt watching it. I was relieved it was anything other than a QB. When I realized it was the arguably the most talented WR in the draft, I was stoked. I personally don’t care about the injury. I loved the trade.


The Viking got the offer twice and took it when they were on the clock at 34.

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First of all, you twisted my wording, and wording matters. I never said they don’t like small LB’s. I said they would pass on a “small., injury-prone LB who ISN’T A SCHEME FIT and that they have told people that they don’t value LB the same way others do…apparently”.

There is a big difference between taking a flyer on a day 3 lb and investing a day 1 or 2 pick in a LB. Nakobe Dean and MR are not the same player. First of all MR played at 235 and Dean’s listed weight is 225 but there are reports out there that he played at 217 last year. There is real concern that Dean’s body type can’t add the necessary weight to play LB in the scheme that Detrot runs. There is also the matter of his soft tissue injuries. The lions were not interested in him. We don’t know what we have in MR, he might never be more then a special teams player.

Sorry, but that describes so many players that the Lions did not select as well.

You are speaking from “your opinion” but your completely speculating and have no information to support your opinion. You are entitled to your opinion but just saying there is information out there saying there they wouldn’t have done as your speculating.

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What I really need to know is what is your 2023 mock draft?

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Let’s just hope Goff lights it up, sure we don’t value lbers as much, but there is a certain lber in Alabama, one i would love to grab


That also speaks a small bit to how he would operate as a GM, which may be why he hasn’t been hired as one.


I have not seen or had the time to look for the way too early mock drafts, have any come out?

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anytime in the next 11 months will do fine :wink: