Hypothetical trade idea

Now that Tampa has no Qb . Trade down our 1st for the 19th . Add a future number 1 we now have 2 1st next yr .and more depending on compensation from bucs . They can grab their future qb at 6th if available


They would probably give up another pick as well, thats a far drop. Probably switch our 5th with their 3rd


I think they’ll be tanking this year for Caleb Williams next year, so they won’t be giving up next year’s first. It’s why they brought Bowles back for a lame-duck year.


Such a bad look.

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Im not trading out of the top 9-11. This was a gift and I dont want to dilute it more than that crappy Baker did .


The problem with “tanking” next year is that so many teams are going to be in one that QB class. Texans, Colts, Raiders, Falcons, Panthers, Jets, Commanders, Bucs, and Dolphins as of right now don’t know who their starting QB is for next year. Then add in the Seahawks, Lions, Titans, Patriots, Packers, Steelers, Ravens, Vikings, Cowboys, who either have young struggling QBs, disappointing vets, or guys playing on the last year of their contracts. That’s over half the league that could be in the market for a new QB.

The QB you want in the 2024 draft might cost you a fortune compared to one you like in this years draft. Those who “miss out” this year, will be desperate for one next year.

I agree with all of that, but they’re still gonna try. Or they’ll just purposely put together a subpar roster then let the cards fall where they may. The coach won’t be trying to lose.

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I would love to snag a future first rounder off a team and drop down in the draft. There are a lot of teams that may consider trading up to 6 to get Stroud/Richardson as there is a steep dropoff after the top 4 guys, IMO.

Green Bay, NYJ, Tennessee, Washington, Carolina, Tampa, Seattle, Baltimore (if Jackson leaves), Minnesota, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Atlanta and NYG (if Jones leaves) all need a young franchise QB. I doubt we trade with Minnesota or GB if its for a QB so rule them out. Odds are Jackson and Jones are back with their respective teams so rule them out.

I think Saleh cannot swing for another young QB and they go the veteran route (Derek Carr probably?). Seattle likely re-signs Geno and I think Carrol tries to win with him as he may only be coaching for a few more seasons. That leaves

New Orleans, Carolina, Tennessee, Tampa, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Washington as the possible teams, IMO. Atlanta, Carolina, and Las Vegas are just behind our picks and I doubt we could fetch a future 1st from any of them, even if it was just their first, plus a 2024 1st.

So, what are the chances New Orleans, Tennessee, Tampa, or Washington want a QB bad enough to trade up to 6? I honestly think the most realistic team is Washington. They have a coach who needs to find a QB this year or he may not last much longer. They have a solid roster that can support a young franchise QB. The most recent trade up in the 1st round for a QB in this range was when Chicago traded up for Fields.

The Bears gave up their first-round selection this year (No. 20), their fifth-round pick (No. 164), their 2022 first-round pick, and 2022 fourth-round pick.

Now going from 16 to 6 will be a little pricier, but this would be the ballpark.

I’d take #16, #97, and a 2024 1st and 2024 3rd for #6.

Unfortunately, I doubt Washington is picking top 5 in 2024, but in that division I could see them finishing top 10.

I think there’s a 99.9% chance one of Rodgers or Love is their QB. If they think they’ve already got their young, franchise QB, they’ll trade Rodgers and play Love. If they don’t they’ll keep Rodgers (and possibly trade Love).

I also think we might trade with Minnesota. We’ve already traded with them twice. Even if it’s for a QB, if we think the QB sucks maybe we’ll want them to take him.

The problem with this is every Washington fan will tell you the Commanders are trying to shed cost in an effort to make themselves more desirable as a product. The sale is coming soon and they suspect very little activity other than to cut expenditures. And they’re already telling OC candidates Howell is their guys this year.

So while I wouldn’t rule it out, I’d say Washington isn’t very likely to give up future assets to trade up.

Of the teams you mentioned I think New Orleans is the most likely. We already know they’re aggressive with trades and their need at the position is pretty dire. Would the coach, who is probably on the hot seat, want to lay out such an expenditure to draft a QB who might not develop until he’s gone? Well probably not, but he might not have a say in the matter.

I really don’t know enough about Washington’s situation to comment, but that is definitely an interesting proposition. I thought about New Orleans, but I think they would have to sell the farm as they would have to come up from 29. Something like 29, 40, 71, and their 2024 1st at minimum. They may even have to throw in an addtional 2024 2nd or 3rd, or a player.

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I think the Titans are a underrated potential QB seeker. Mike Vrabel is their guy. I don’t think he’s going anywhere but they are also in a weird spot. Tannehill isn’t winning them a SB and nobody else available via trade does it either (Rodgers isn’t going there as they have maybe the worst NFL level skill players at WR/TE). They are over the cap and will have to cut some veteran bloated contracts to get under.

I can see them going two different directions. Cut/trade Tannehill. Maybe can fetch a day 2 pick in return. Don’t spend much money on the offseason and roll with Malik Willis. If he sucks, you pick high in next years draft and get your guy then.

The other is moving up this year where you pick 11, not too far off where QB3 might possibly land. You get your rookie a year sooner and instead of having a throw away year you start the “rebuild/reload” now. If the lions are a trade partner and wanted future capital, a 1st seems possible. And it doesn’t deplete the titans resources in order to do so. If I had to guess which route they would prefer to take, it would be this option. Mike Vrabel doesn’t seem like the type to want to rebuild.

The Lions could possibly squeeze a future 1st out of the titans and a future 2nd out of the Panthers IMO. Those are probably the two most likely trade back scenarios as I see it now. It would be really nice to see their QB situations stay as is come draft time. It would greatly increase the chances of a trade up. Now it might just come down to if they want to move up before Detroit’s on the clock. Which is definitely a possibility. The cardinals feel like their in a rebuilding phase. And I can see Seattle wanted to move picks to 2024 as the inevitable Geno Smith experiment fails.

Perfectly said. I’m okay with a small trade down but we have been gifted something and need to use it.

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Tampa lost Brady to retirement so I think they may be looking for a replacement. They may go for Tannenhill or someone also. It was just a hypothetical question. Our team is getting built but just like New England has done in past drafts you trade down get future picks for future success. I would glady trade down for a future 1st rd pick if the team trading us is in a declining state of personel.That future pick could be top 10.

My thoughts as well. They are rebuilding. Expect a mass exodus of veteran players. Guys like Lavonte David.

If I were the Lions I’d jump on a player like him. We need veteran leadership and he could bring a one to two year gap fill. His age will keep the numbers down. His play is still good and his experience at LB is much needed.


Our first round pick from the Rams is in the top 10. I suggest we use it instead of trying to get cute with it. When the Patriots had the 6th pick, they didn’t trade it. They took Richard Seymour. When the Patriots had the 4th pick, they didn’t trade it. They took Willie McGinnest.

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Doesn’t that depend on whether the organization thinks there is a top talent available?

I get your logic but would apply it a different way. I think might end up in the eye of the perfect storm in terms of getting a QB needy team overpay. If that’s there I think we should take it.

Ultimately that team is probably still in the lick range that you already said you’re comfortable with.

Will Levis and Anthony Richardson both impressing in wrokouts the way they should might really help us.

As would the Raiders completely striking out in terms of Garropolo or Rodgers.

Seeing as we are discussing trades with the Bucs. What would it take to get Vita Vea?

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I’ve had that same thought. If they’re truly tearing it down. The problem is that guven how terrible that division is I’m not so sure they are.

Carolina has a new head coach. They will be the team to trade up for a qb to marry with reich. The question is do they trade up to 6? Or higher.

I am okay with a small trade down.

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