HYPOTHETICAL trade with Philadelphia

#2 2600
3rd round pick 260
#15 1050
#16 1000
#19 875
I looked up the trade value chart numbers on Draftek and they’re close. What if Philly falls in love with a player they absolutely have to have? Do you take the trade? That would give us 4 first round picks to work with. What do you guys think?

Round 1 Pick 15 (PHI): Devin Lloyd, ILB/OLB, Utah
Round 1 Pick 16 (PHI): George Karlaftis, DE/OLB, Purdue
Round 1 Pick 19 (PHI): Drake London, WR, USC
Round 1 Pick 27: Malik Willis, QB, Liberty

Just an example of the possible guys we could get.


I’d rather trade down and get either the Jets or the Giants 2 top 10 picks if I was to give up anything when moving down.

That said I’d probably do it. The talent from like 8-24 seems to be really really good this year.

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If I’m Philly I’m staying put and adding 3 1st rounders to my roster. They should be able to get 3 really good players in the top 20. They already made the playoffs, plus 3 first rounders, they are in great shape for the future.


Wow I forgot they had 3 first rounders… they could be back to being a contender very soon


I just did a mock draft based off this trade and picked up Jameson Williams, Ojabo, and Burks with the 15,16 and 19 picks. Got Jordan Davis at the end of the first.

What would the smartest man in the room do with those picks? Because that’s probably the direction the Eagles GM is going to try to go.

I’d rather give up our 2nd than our 3rd, LOL.


You blew really good draft with Davis pick

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Who are the Eagles moving up for?

I see what ya did there… and also think it would require at least the 2nd round pick to make that trade happen this year.

The point chart is a good tool… but it also has some fluctuations based on the talent available in a given year.

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Yeah, it’s hard to imagine their motivation for that. 15, 16, and 19 are in a pretty meaty portion of the draft.


There is no way in my logic that I would trade down from 2 into the mid teens. They’d have to offer established starters and the picks. IMHO


Nobody’s perfect.

Honestly though I don’t know enough about college football to go that deep into a mock right now. I usually don’t start researching players until after the super bowl.

But I’d still take him over Willis :smile:

Bailey Zappe is my guy this year. I just don’t think he has been exposed enough to warrant a high mock selection. I feel the same way with Willis, he is going to test out of this world at the combine. He is going to be the guy QB needy teams are looking to trade up for.


In this 2022 draft… for 3 picks???

How you feeling about their QB, bro?

I think everybody’s perfect. I’m aware that I’m in the minority. :wink:



K Thibideaux….


D Lloyd
T Burks
D London

I would take door #2 all day… every day.

Change out London for Jermaine Johnson at edge, and then take D Bell in 2


Yes. The higher the pick, the higher the potential of the prospect. The more people pick before you…the less choices you have at the picks with higher potential. I want Holmes picking from the pick of the litter.

The Lions traditionally pick from mediocre (picks 11-21) prospects. And when they have higher picks: They pick the worst of the bunch. Finally we have a guy that can really pick. I want him with as many prospects to choose from as possible. It’s not about quantity now, it’s about quality.

That’s the only way Philly would make this deal and unfortunately for us there is no QB worth the #2 pick this year. Plus I think they like what they have in Hurts, for now.