I am already ecstatic about the Lions 2021 draft

I have (although not with a loudspeaker and sans table-banging) made it clear that I prefer the Lions choose Devonta Smith in the first round this year.

That being said, I will be happy with whatever happens with the first pick in the draft. I don’t care what name comes across the podium- Parsons, Chase, Sewell, Slater, Fields, etc. etc. Whoever gets picked is awesome and I am excited to see in a Lions uniform next year.

Of course, this needs to fall in the realm of reasonability. I don’t know if Jimmy Landes has a little brother waiting to get drafted, but if the Lions pick up a Long Snapper or Punter in the first round, I will be a bit perturbed.

And this attitude goes for every other round as well. Every obvious name pick, every obscure division 3 or JUCO pick, every trade down or trade up. While I may have stronger emotional picks from one person to the next, they all get a thumbs up in my book.

Why? It is not just because this is a new regime that deserves the benefit of the doubt. Sure, that plays its part, but this wellspring of confidence does not solely come from the idea that a new regime gets a clean slate. But more importantly, all the moves they have made in a few short months, have had the air of a competent, professional organization.

-We haven’t had a general manager who had to defend every questionable move with the only excuse he had available- I studied under the greatest ever, so don’t question my extremely intelligent, next level decision making

-We haven’t had do deal with a new coach who had to explain away the fact that he most likely sexual assaulted women in his past, and seemed ready to get in a dick measuring contest with all the veteran leadership in his locker room from day one.

I am not a professional talent evaluator. I can only go on naked eye amateur observation and gut feelings. But no matter what picks are made by the Lions this year, even the one that might seem a little odd, get my thumbs up.

I think they have earned it… for this year at least.


I just realized that Kevin Durant is also “The Slim Reaper.” I must be living under a rock bc I thought his nickname was “Mr. Sensitive.”


His teammates are known as DNP-Pouting and DNP-Whack Job

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Ok, I have to bite. What the Hell do the two previous posts have to do with my op?

The first post referenced a current star basketball player with the “slim reaper” nickname. The next poster expounded on that player in a jokingly way. Kind of like how if someone were to make a Charles Rogers reference, someone else might talk about smoking err’day.

The first post was only relevant because of the nicknames. The 2nd post wasn’t relevant at all, just funny if you know the reference.

Sorry. That’s my bad. I literally did not know that Kevin Durant was also the Slim Reaper. I like Smith. I think his nickname is perfect. I googled his nickname and looked for a cool meme or something to attach to a post giving my thumbs up to Smith as a Lion… I was surprised to see that all of them were of Kevin Durant. It through me off so I posted that segue.

Ummm…not much?

It’s the Den. If I could rename it The Tangent, I would.

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Agree with most everything in your past except the low blue against Patricia. Let’s not assume he’s a sexual assaulter based on something he was never even charged with from 20 years ago. I thought he was a horrible coach, but we don’t need to go that far.

Yeah - and he called the greatest Super Bowl defensive play ever. That earned him three franchise-blossoming years here. He was a model of toughness that our players could look up to, always on time for meetings, peak physical conditioning, etc. etc. The culture he instilled here can’t be duplicated. Why pick on hm so much?

Ah, see, I didn’t know that was Smith’s nickname. That just goes to show the deep dive analysis I do on all the perspective draft picks.

Never forget, Matt Patricia scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba “Spare Tire” Dixon.

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Marty rode his motorbike away from practice. Patricia rode his motorbike at practice.

Marty took the wind. Patricia passed it.

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Oh, and BTW Kalspa, regarding your original post - yeah I agree they’ve earned one year (but one year only!) where no one should question their draft picks. With this board, though, you know that’s not going to happen!