I am officially done w/ 24/7

I have not had to log into 24/7 on my phone for yrs now… just always logged in… 24/7

I officially logged out today; done… off my favs as well.

Time moves forward and so do Lions fans!!


Good to have you aboard!

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Welcome home, @DeadDog!

Hi Abject, I’ve been here for 5-6 weeks now…I was posting on 247 and that ^%# kicked me out....I though "no problem" "That version of the DEN I have on my favorites...so I'm just going to get back there....but that %#@! didn’t happen…favorites didn’t do anything.

then, I remembered this site, and I’m home now.


4-5 weeks…or 10 days. Whats the difference

Your here

Starting to transition here, although the 247 site works fine for me but it is obvious they are shutting it down just a matter of when.

Welcome, @DeadDog

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your efforts are appreciated.

proof that its not where we hang out, it that we just do…

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Same here.

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