I can't wait for the next game against the Detroit Lions

A Bears fan who is feeling his oats.

Adorable. So cute that they think they’re tough.

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He’s a little delusional, but he’s not completely wrong either. If Johnson had held onto that pick and taken it to the house, the hole might have been too deep to dig out of.

That said the missed connection on the 3rd down deep pass was not the game-sealer he seems to think it was. He was not gonna score, to catch it he would have had to lay out and even if he somehow managed to keep his feet Kerby would have brought him down. We still had a timeout and the two-minute warning. We already know they would have gone conservative there, probably for three straight plays. That would have left them with a long field goal. Make it and we’re down 8 and getting the ball back with like 1:30 and an opportunity to tie. Miss and we’re down 5 and just shy of midfield.

The Bears are what 3 and 8… if I was the owner I might start paying the coach to lose.

Haha that may explain the Bears play calling late in the game the other day. :joy:

Beans baby

After the scare they received, I think the Lions will be better prepared to take care of business in Chicago. Lions by 10.

Oh I agree. I don’t think the last game will have any effect on the next game, other than to sway a lot of media people to Chicago’s side. I just meant he wasn’t wrong as it pertained to the last game.

I dont see how chicago comes out of that game feeling better than they did going in… you got 4 turnoves, doubled up a team in top, and still found a way to lose because your offense couldnt close out drives despite the numerous turnovers your team got/were gifted… the lions previously have been exceling at owning top and not turning it over…

Now if i look at it from the perspective of fields looked decent and was able to run against the lions defense, okay ya i think you can feel okay about that… but despite the complete and utter disaster, again uncommon failings for these lions, i find it hard to see a whole lot of positives to lean on

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The response I got from my Bears fan friend was that he had no idea how terrible the Lions pass rush was. He already gave up on the Bears this year because Eberflus is basically dead man walking. So he watched the game more to see the Lions than his own team. No team has given their qb that much time in the pocket this year. Shocking to him to see that.

The lack of a pass rush is bad, but Chicago won’t be that close to a victory the next time. Because even with a defense that’s going to spot you 4 seconds per pass, the Bears are still a mess on both sides of the ball, scheme-wise.

Most likely yes. Poles will can the coach to save his own hide.

True or false? The coaches’ performance played a role in the Bears’ collapse.

Kane: True. You have to dissect everything when you melt down like the Bears did in the fourth quarter, when the Lions stormed back from 12 points down in the final 4:15. That includes coaching decisions, play calling and having players prepared to finish games.

Plenty of decisions seem worthy of examination. On offense, Eberflus’ choice to have Cairo Santos kick a field goal early in the fourth quarter to put the Bears up 23-14 rather than go for it on fourth-and-1. The three run plays that totaled 5 yards and led to Santos’ final field goal rather than a touchdown with 4:15 to play.

And then the three plays on the Bears’ second-to-last drive: two Khalil Herbert carries — one a read option — and the incomplete deep shot to Scott. Not all of those calls necessarily were wrong, but the outcomes played a part in the loss.

And then there’s the defense, which wilted as Goff easily led two touchdown drives to win it. There were some obvious player errors, but it’s fair to ask what Eberflus and his coaches can do better to prevent such collapses from happening. And because it’s not an isolated occurrence over the last two seasons, it’s fair to ask what it means for the coaches’ future.

Wiederer: Since the day Eberflus arrived, he has emphasized situational awareness and situational practice. Yet 28 games into his tenure, the Bears still are lamenting their inability to finish games properly.

You’re right, Sunday was not an isolated incident and not even the first time this group blew a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter this season. It’s difficult to watch a team like the Lions overcome an erratic performance and salvage their day with the proper finishing focus and not wonder why the Bears are so erratic in game-on-the-line situations.

Heck, mediocre teams all over the NFL are finding ways to win while the Bears continue to stumble. Sunday’s loss dropped the Bears to 2-11 in one-score games under Eberflus. That qualifies as a trend. And it definitely registers as problematic.

Given the game flow and the way the defense was playing, I didn’t hate the decision to bypass a fourth-and-1 attempt for the Santos kick that put the Bears up two scores early in the fourth quarter. But that has to be backed up by winning contributions in the clutch from the team’s game-changers. Instead, the Bears were outscored 17-0 in the final 4:15, a total team breakdown for which the head coach must be accountable.

Eberflus is 6-22 as Bears coach, 0-9 in the NFC North, and has yet to win consecutive games. The Bears went 1-5 against playoff teams in 2022 and are 0-4 this season against teams currently inside the playoff picture. They’re just not good enough. And at some point, “not good enough” must register as “not good enough.”

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I can’t wait until the next game against the Chicago Bears.

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