I Confess

Pardon me but I believe that I ate like The prize hog at The County Fair today as I watched The Lions.


I couldn’t move for like 2 1/2 hours. Just came out of a food coma 15 mins ago looking for water.


:laughing: it’s a good pain tho :laughing:

Who knew pie can be painful?

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raises hand sheepishly *

It’s earlier here out of the West Coast. I’m about to stuff my face

pauly shore i love this movie sfm GIF
Oooh Buuuuddy *

Perfect thread. The funny thing is when you start to feel just a little relief you think to yourself “is there room for more pudding?”

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It was.rough going for awhile.

And then the 2+ hours of cleanup.

At least me and Mah Sweeties ex won the Euchre tournament. Again.