I’d fire Campbell if we don’t beat Dallas…. Here’s why-

This thing is going south fast, and the locker room will turn soon is it hasn’t already….

  1. he’s already called out Goff twice publicly despite being a top 10 rated QB (above Stafford, Brady, Rodgers, Burrow, Murray, Lawrence, Cousins etc) on a team whose OL, WRs and RB are all hurt???

  2. clearly he pissed off D Elliott by messing with his starting role in the “defensive shakeup last week.”

  3. looking back at Hard Knocks- and I saw a compassionate man as our HC who let Duce, Shep, and AG act kind of like rival bullies and talk shit to each other and dog the players.

  4. I have no idea how AO goes from contract extension talks, and every down starter to “healthy scratch? Special teams? Really?

  5. we don’t even use our FUCKING SPECIAL TEAMS! Fox kicks through the endzone, and we don’t punt or kick FGs…. Seems like leaving your 2nd or 3rd best CB home away from the team is a bit extreme in a contract year, if your motive the best kick return squad. God knows we don’t need a punt return unit of any substance. Lol

  6. the time management, game management, and all out disregard for conventional football protocol is bordering on immature. It’s not even ballsy, he called the NE like a kid playing Madden against his buddy…

  7. the entire media was questioning AG prior to this week, and he responded by pissing on 2 of his list talented DBs, and letting 4-5th players with limited athleticism like Jakobi, Bailey and R Stevenson ball out.

  8. DC was the coach last year… it hasn’t dawned on him to say “hey AG we do have some better talent than we did last year right?” Not much, but Hutch and Rodrigo are leading the team in sacks and tackles…. and Okudah is our best DB, that’s 3 improved spots? How come we don’t try using that proven scheme that we used last year with all the UDFA- that Dom Capers stuff?” Seems like it’s working in Denver too?

  • seriously how do they not watch film and say- “man the OTs just shove our little Edge players inside, and the QBs simply roll out and have all day to throw….”
  1. there is clearly something wrong with our practice regimen…. The injuries don’t make sense, unless some are choosing to drag them out…

  2. I think Goff, Hutch, Hock, McNeill, Ragnow, ASB, Swift, Rodrigo, Okudah, and Walker are really good pros…. I honestly expect Jamo and Paschal will be too given how much I liked their games prior to them getting drafted. I think J Will, J Jackson, and Reynolds are solid too, and I’m optimistic about Kerry Joseph too.

There is an over half a good starting lineup right there, but they need to be coached up, need a better scheme to have a shot to win, and need better in game decision making…. I like Holmes getting one more draft class, and finally having some UFA money this year- I’d make sure to get a proven HC this time and hire a DC with a proven scheme… keep Ben and keep Duce as asst HC- keep pleasant if he wants to stay, and Fraley. Whack AG and Shep with DC-


Big V, Brockers and Romeo free up 25M next year…

Daron Payne, Dre Greenlaw, J Bradberry

      D Payne       McNeill      Paschal

Harris Rodrigo D Greenlaw Hutch

Okudah Rookie T Walker/K Joseph Bradberry


  1. W Anderson, J Carter, etc

  2. J Battle, or best safety

  3. Best CB

  4. Jack Campbell

  5. OG

  6. WR


I think mid-season firings should be reserved for special situations.


Rod Wood does not approve of this message

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Like having half your team hurt, deactivating a guy who you literally were starting the prior week… suggesting changing up the D, and running them same shit scheme with less talented players?

Going for it 6 times in one game on 4th down… having guys like Zappe and G Smith light you up… blowing a 20 point lead?

Calling out your QB who is carrying the team with backups, and not calling out AG by name at all?


If I responded to this post I would get banded …let me say this maybe all the Lion millionaire players after reading how nasty management is should have there own safe place. You could offer to hold there hands.


I really like that offseason plan, although I think expecting us to beat Dallas on the road is a tall task regardless. You should fire him now, but if he gets fired during the season it won’t happen until Thanksgiving at the earliest.


Solid post and its what I see as well. I think losing the players thing is big and it appears to be happening.

I still stand by my comments that Ben Johnson is a guy your team should strongly consider.


So, who would you replace him with that would turn the season around with 11 games to go?
I’m serious. Who’s going to make “this” team a winner?
Let’s review.
Defense ranking
Currently 32
2021 31
2019 26

Horrific kicker

With the top 5 WR walking wounded or on IR.
With the #1 RB injured.

With 2 starting Olinemen on IR.

I mean, let’s take a deep breath, come back into the real world, and answer the basic question at hand. Who is capable of turning this team around?
I love Duce, Ben, and Aubrey (I think Glenn’s current defense probably disqualifies him), but, seriously, which one is going to turn it around?


Coaches turn teams around all the time. I mentioned in anouther post how I compared Campbell as a bad version of Jeff Fisher.

When Fisher took over the Rams we had won 2 games prior. Our roster was probably similar to Lions in takent. Rams being better on D and Lions on offense. Anyway, the Rams went 7-8-1 in Fishers first year. Our leading reciever that year had 688 yards. As mediocre as Jeff Fisher was, particularly with the Rams. Even he found ways to win games.

You have to show something atleast. In my opinion.

We’re not going to be able to draft both Carter and Anderson nor will we be able to attract Payne who might just be the most heavily pursued free agent on the market.


He meant whichever one we can get our hands on. I vastly prefer Anderson.

Also I actually wouldn’t mind trading for Payne this year if we can if it’ll help us sign him longterm.

I’d fire Campbell now.

Ah okay. Since we had two firsts I thought he might mean both.

Also, Battle is a meh safety prospect IMO. Personally I think we need to add competent veterans to our secondary.

I mean Fisher was inches away from winning a super bowl with the Titans and won 5 playoff games in his coaching career. We could only dream of Campbell doing something like that.

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I have a hatred for Jordan Battle for what he did to Ohio State so I don’t want him at all. Him getting ejected for targeting in the national championship when we played them made me so happy. I have a similar hatred for Clark Phillips but I also think he’s a really good football player so I would have to accept it if we took him. Both guys flipped from us on signing day for the record.

Is this even in English?

It’s not about the players being pussies. It’s about a HC with no experience that hired all his buddies. The way Shep talked shit to his LBs was off putting on hard knocks. The fact that we don’t really have a scheme, and it’s not working is confusing at best given we keep lining up the same way and swapping out the players.

Harris is getting no pressure after a good year last year. Bryant has regressed. Hutch has been getting owned.

Anyone else think maybe Capers and J Dorsey played a bit more of a role… and now that the Bros are making it up as they go…it’s getting worse?


He will not be…. 5 years 90M gets it done unless he signs back with Wash-

Which vet safety? I guess Vonn Bell could pair nicely with K Joseph as a thumper and centefielder?

I like some of the edge guys, lbs, cbs in the draft….

I really don’t love Carter, but his knee injury likely makes him a prime target for the Lions…

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Big Clark Phillips fan. Would love to add a playmaker like that to our secondary.

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Dallas is a tall task…. He owes us one for Minny and Seattle…

I’d consider D Ryans for HC

What do you think of Ojualri, Myles Murphy, Sewell,