I don’t have the energy to argue about roster moves anymore

With previous regimes I’d fire up the mock drafts and spend hours on overthecap’s calculator this time of year.

Subconsciously I think I did it because I really believed I could do it better than the people who actually had the job.

Now, I just don’t care. Brad can do anything and I’d roll it.

I’ll watch YouTube highlights of the guys we draft and sign in FA but I’m done scouting lol


Pretty much. In Brad and Dan I trust.


Discussing and debating roster moves is fun though.

At least until someone calls you an idiot, clown, or low iq… something like that.

That’s about when i run out of energy, too.

I will say though, i think I’ve got most of the people that are here for a fight more than a discussion blocked at this point. I’ve really been enjoying the board more than ever lately. I wasn’t very good at not getting triggered and becoming an asshole myself when responding to those kinds of fans so it’s been a huge improvement.

More on point though, i get it. I trust Holmes, too. Hard to not trust him with his track record so far. Makes me more excited for the offseason than ever.


Like I’ll discuss general concepts, example there’s a guy that thinks we shouldn’t draft a quarterback at all with any pick in the draft because the Chiefs have a bad backup and that’s kinda crazy to me but I’m not going to freak out they don’t RE-sign DJ Chark


If you’re visiting The Den in January without posting a mock draft with eleventeen trade-downs, did you really visit The Den?

African American Wtf GIF by Identity


I just like studying prospects ¯_(ツ)_/¯


It’s a great feeling to actually believe in the Front office to make good decisions. Holmes/Dorsey/Agnew all doing a great job so far. The hiring of Dorsey is an extremely underrated move. For the first time in my lifetime, we hired a dude with tons of GM experience and many successful drafts to help the new guys out.

When you are finding complete steals like Kerby in the 3rd, St. Brown in the 4th, and Houston in the 6th, they deserve our trust.


Same here, I’m ready for next season to start.


I’ve now become more interested in seeing if I can identify “Brad” guys and who I think he will pick than looking at just guys I would pick.


Your breakdown based on RAS, PFF ratings, etc. was great. Post should be pinned.


One thing I know for sure Holmes would have passed on Mike Williams, lol


Thanks! It’s kinda of the part one. I’ve already combed through and compiled a list of players based only on PFF scores and how they line up with Brad’s history as likely guys. Focusing on the round 1-3 guys (I think Holmes has been pretty consistent in rounds 1-3…4-7 is a bit harder) and gonna jump in and read way more scouting reports than I should to try to narrow down the character guys. (As best as possible). Gonna have to wait for the RAS stuff until after combine to see who gets dropped and who creeps up.

Pretty excited. Just want to see if Brad continues certain trends or changes things up! And maybe I’m doing all this work to be way off! Lol


I actually looked at Gibbs based on your input. I know a lot of people are clamoring for Robinson but I hate to use a 1st on RB when we need so much D help. Gibbs had a high 80’s PFF score. Not sure all around RAS score yet but he was clocked on a 70 yard return this year at 22.8 miles per hour - faster than ANY nfl player this year. He is a one cut and go kinda back which fits well with the line. That is why JW is more effective than Swift. He has electric speed that can challenge the corners and is rated as one of the best pass catching backs in college football. His shortcoming is pass protection and will need to be worked on. He is a high character guy also. I cannot imagine what DC can do with one of the fatest NFL players on the outside and one of the fatest players lined up in the backfield at the same time. He also has enough power to handle short yardage duties. If we get 2 key defensive players in the first then I think Gibbs would be an excellent pick and really take our offense to elite assuming he and Williams come close to their ceilings.


I haven’t looked into RBs too heavily, tbh. The reason is this: EVERY RB on PFFs Big Board meets the Brad Holmes PFF scoring threshold.

That being said, it’s even harder because Holmes drafted Jefferson, which is an outlier almost all across the board.


I’ve resigned myself to letting you do all the homework.

Thank you.



I suppose if you’re young and have the energy. I’m too old for that stuff and honestly, I have bigger problems than the Lions -or any other teams- roster.

It doesn’t matter what any of us think or want anyway. They’ve got it all wrapped up. All planned out. That’s why they get the big bucks and I’m drawing disability. It’s above my pay grade.


100% with you on Gibby, my man!


Here are the blazers:


While I don’t dive nearly as deep into it as you do, I’ve grown to like that too while learning a lot from you, CuriousHusker and others. I understand how unlikely it is that I’ll get any pick other than #6OA right this year. It’s still fun imagining how things could play out in the year to come.

I also understand that rooting any particular football team is not very far removed from bonding with the red or blue or green dot in dot racing…unless Dan Campbell guiding your particular team. Then, the human element engages me in new and different ways than ever before.


Yeah that’s exactly it. It’s fun, and I like to do things that are fun (perhaps to the detriment of some of the more pressing un-fun things in my life).