I don't think Branch will be the pick

He’s a below average athlete at a low-value position, and so far Brad has shown a taste for the opposite.

The sample size is small, sure, and Branch is a great fit for us, but I’ll be really surprised if Brad bucks so many of his trends - especially in the early rounds - to draft him. Now if he fell to 48 maybe he’ll be on our board, we can only wait and see. But I’d be shocked to take him in the 1st.


How many times has Branch tore his ACL? Once I know that answer, I can tell you whether we will draft him or not.

I would tend to agree. I think The Adetomic Bomb has a higher likelihood of being dropped at 18 than most are theorizing.


I do too, and kudos on your efforts with the nickname.

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All I’m seeing is none, unless it was back in high school.

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I wouldn’t rule out Brian Branch based on his RAS score.

Last year there was debate whether Kerby Joesph or Nick Cross was Holmes target.

I assumed Kerby was the target because his on field play was way above Nick Cross. He had a better coverage grade, a better tackle grade. All around his on field play was better than Nick Cross in college.

Some people thought Nick Cross was the real target because of his really high RAS score.

We all know how good Kerby Joesph turned out.

Nick Cross on the other hand had a very forgettable year actually allowing a 100% completion rate on targets thrown his way.

Holmes doesn’t just draft high RAS guys. He drafts highly productive players on the field.

ASB, and Kerby Joesph are just two examples.

As far as position value I would argue that Branch would have a very important role on this defense.


If only there were a S whose last name was Olive. Then we draft Branch and Battle

Our starting S corps could be Battle then Olive Branch

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Cross had a high RAS but Kerby probably would have if he’d been able to test. His athleticism is all over his tape. And Brad would have had access to his in-game GPS data, so he knew exactly how fast he was moving. The kid can cover some ground. I don’t think a higher RAS is a tiebreaker, I just think there’s a minimum threshold he’s looking for and Branch doesn’t meet it.

A lot of people argue safety/NB as a position has value and I don’t disagree. Same with linebacker. But from a numbers perspective it doesn’t work that way. “Low value position” doesn’t mean those players don’t bring value to your team, hell a lot of RBs carry their respective teams. It pertains to the necessary capital of adding them to your roster or keeping them on your roster. Finding value throughout the draft, FA, with trades, and all other facets of roster construction is key to putting a good team together.

I mean we know Ed Reed and Earl Thomas were crucial to what their respective defenses did, those were high value players. But they didn’t impact the overall value of the position as evidence by current contracts and availability.


I heard branch ordered a villian sweatshirt on facebook… book the pick


High value money wise to me would be, qb, LT, pass rusher, outside corner.

So what high value player are you taking at 18?

I Know, but i’m not telling until the Final Draft Contest Entry is completed… :rofl: :rofl:

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I’d also throw DT and WR into that mix given what they’re getting paid nowadays. Especially WR. DT might be a level below the others though it’s certainly higher than most.

Personally I like (and this is presuming Richardson and Smith-Njigba don’t fall to this spot), Porter, Witherspoon, Adebawore, Nolan Smith, Van Ness and maybe Forbes, Banks, Bresee, Kancey, Ringo. I don’t love the value of some of those guys at 18 based on where they’ve been going in mocks, but that’s the pick we’ve been given. And the mocks are often wrong anyway.

Branch will be one of the best players out of this class you watch his film it’s a coaching clinic on tackling and Feilds awareness.This kid is a 4 year starter at Alabama with only 4 missed tackles and was the leader of the defense which Holmes loves if he is there at #18 I would be pissed if they didn’t pick him!!


I agree with all of that. I love Branch and especially his fit for our team. I just don’t think Brad will take him given his history.

Rodrigo and Houston are 2 more examples of that! Great point!


Yes but it’s not one or the other. It’s one and the other. Rodrigo had a high RAS and Houston’s was pretty good too.

And generally speaking I’m talking about the higher capital picks, where Branch will surely go. On day 3 Brad gets a little looser with his tendencies. I think Jermar Jefferson had a terrible RAS and ARSB’s wasn’t elite or anything.

Serious question, Bama had Anderson, Branch, To’o To’o, Ricks, and Battle. All 5 are considered day 1 or day 2 draft picks. That’s almost half the defense going early. So why did Bama give up 52 points to the Vols? Is Hooker really that good!? Or are some of these guys overhyped at bit. Bama also gave up 32 to LSU.

The guys at Bama are probably a little overhyped, they usually don’t quite live up to their billing in the pros. They’re surrounded by so much talent it isn’t easy to evaluate them. That said I think Anderson and Branch will, and maybe Battle too. The other two I’m not so sure. I also think Battle and To’o To’o could last into day 3.

As for the specifics of that game, Tennessee’s offense was just so different than anything they’d seen all year, and it was humming on all cylinders. I don’t think Ricks played in that game but their secondary was overmatched (especially Hellams, it’s why I want nothing to do with that guy).

I also don’t really put too much stock in one-game performances. A better Alabama D also gave up 41 points to Texas A&M and Zach Calzada the year prior, and no one thinks he or that A&M offense was all that special.

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Thanks for the detailed reply… it does seem Bama’s D struggled against top 25 teams. Gave up 32 to LSU as well.

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