I feel bad for hutch

Hes never going to get a sack at this rate. He was held multiple time, some pretty egregious, and none have been called in 2 weeks.


Seahawks Oline had blue gloves on. Is it Honolulu? No, but it does make it harder to see when it’s blue vs blue.

Either that or ■■■■ the refs. I’m fine either way.

He needs to make more plays !! He had his chances. I get the holding and it sucks but everybody gets held.

I don’t care what situation you are in, or even if it’s the Super Bowl, no way can you not call holding on that last play, he was mugged and it directly affected the play with Geno being able to get outside the pocket to make that throw.

That’s not why we lost but certainly changed our ability to potentially win.

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Hutch was a monster in week 1, not so much today. Although the entire pass rush didn’t do much today. Disappointing with all that crowd noise and backup tackles and couldn’t take advantage of that.


Don’t worry. The refs will use it to learn from so they know what to call on the lions in the future.

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Hutch has always been held a lot. That goes back to college. It’s the style of his play makes it really easy to hold him and they’re not going to call it all that often. Georgia held the crap out of him in the playoff game.

I felt all game that our pass rush was holding back until they got a two possession lead. Since that never happened they never cut loose. It’s pathetic that we only had one sack against a beat up o-line. Credit to the Hawks for a game plan that limited their exposure I guess

Also did hutch stick with bull rush and spin move? I’m hoping he develops a dip/swim

I don’t feel bad for him. He was very poor in this game and there was a lot of 1 on 1 when he wasn’t winning the battle against backup tackles.

I know he’ll be better going forward but he has nobody but himself to blame for his weak performance even if he got held a few times.