I feel really good

I feel really good about next season.
I think having a real OC is going to make a huge difference.
Our defense was making progress as the season went on, and one more year under camp Patricia will be really positive.
I don’t expect the management to blow any of their picks in the draft like Millen or Mayhew did, or even as Quinn did with Tabor. I think the regime and leadership will be much tighter and on the same page.


A new friend of mine is from Chicago. Keyboard player…extreme! Jordan Rudess/Rick Wakeman type. We were reminiscing from our perspectives.
This franchise is a perpetual embarrassment!
I want to believe, but, I’m tired. This team has shot itself in the foot for 60 years! This year it was Tate, and Cooter.
Next year the offense is going to be pissed over coaching styles or some such.
I want to believe.

This team has some big holes to fill, in no particular order: RG, TE, Slot, RB and that’s just on Offense. And there were a lot of us who thought we had a real OC when they brought in Lombardi, so I ain’t counting any chickens. And quite frankly I’m a little worried about KeJo’s ability to stay healthy over the whole season.

True, the defense got better as the year wore on, getting Snacks Harrison was a really good pickup and a few other guys. But they need some of the young guys to step up, and Quinn’s gotta hit on a few more FAs. Seems like every year this team gets hammered with injuries, and that’s gotta stop or slow down. So I can’t get too worked up just yet.

Patricia’s position on football, talking about defense and the running game still being the deciding factor, even inviting the beatwriters to “watch what happens” this playoff season… yeah, it puts the hire in a different light than had been shown by disgruntled fans all season.

So, we’re looking better at the top but I’m also concerned about the roster. Honestly, we could have back-to-back 7-round drafts and I wouldn’t have a bit of trouble putting all 14 players on the roster. There are a LOT of holes at Starter, backup and depth. A lot.

The good thing is, Darrell Bevell is a proven OC that values balance. Lombardi was an experiment with his only experience prior being a QB coach.
I expect us to use a FB a lot more in 2019. Just like NE did in the Super Bowl.

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I also feel good.

Patricia knows what to do, just doesn’t yet have the personnel to do it. One more rebuilding year and we’ll be contenders, I think. This year will be fun to watch.

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I’m as tired as Fish and as unsure as Wise, but I’m actually quite optimistic about next season, really.

Last season was gonna be a quasi rebuild whether anyone wanted to refer to it as such or not… But, we did make progress in terms of scheme and personnel. And…

If we can add the 5-6 quality players needed this off-season, I really believe we have a very good chance to compete for a playoff spot, maybe even a Division title.



Adding 5 or 6 quality players is easier said than done in today’s NFL, with some teams throwing crazy money around. Don’t we kinda say this same thing every year about this time?

I ain’t saying it’s not possible, BUT - we ain’t the luckiest team in the league either and it does seem like in a game of inches we come up a little short more than most. And we don’t often catch a break from the refs either.

Isn’t there a mathematical term called “return to the mean”, or something like that? Well, I think the Lions are due for some serious returning.