I FUC^ING HATE blaming games of refs/officials

We are supposed to win and beat the other team period. the only penalty we committed vs GB was too many men on the field …I think.

I do not enjoy saying “oh the refs did XYZ.” fact is we need to score when we are in the redzone, not miss passes, not drop footballs , not settle for FG’s, not burn downs running upthe gut directly into a heap of players , bounce that shit outside. we give away too many opportunities.

BUT, when the refs make such horrible calls that we have the whole football world chiming in , there is a fuc&!ng problem !! I can count 4-5 calls AND non-calls included in the GB game alone.

KC game was handed over to, WE WON BOTH games. BUT it will never show, because of referee interference.

I wish like hell the game was just called fairly and let the best team win…you can throw flags no problem IF the call was correct !

but don’t make up calls on the fly or ones you can’t see because your 30 yards away !!