I gave Dan credit last week. Today, this is on Dan

Aaron Glenn does not belong in the NFL as a coordinator.


We gave him every goddamn weapon imaginable on defense.

And we look like shit.

And you know what? There IS an asterisk next to the Chiefs game. I’m now convinced if they don’t drop a thousand passes, and/OR if Kelce plays, we lose that game.

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This is exactly why I made the “How many games do you give Aaron Glenn” thread. He’s actively losing them games.


Carroll showed him Aaron Glenn wasn’t shit another year. Meathead probaly won’t listen again!

I just hate how this team gets us hyped and shoots us down. I know injuries played a part but it was an ugly game all around.


Defensive gameplan was awful. Inexcusable. 3 backups, and you decide to rarely bring pressure?

Going for the tie at the end of regulation was Caldwell esque


DC changed the entire game going for it up 4 at his own 45. Someone else needs to make these decisions. It’s not smart, it’s not aggressive, it’s just plain stupid.

God damn will the dude ever learn.


They brought pressure constantly. Geno’s perfect accuracy to quick routes, especially TE’s, was a perfect game plan.
Don’t lose to TO battle, or get one TO and we win.
Not an excuse.

Glenn wasn’t great today. But 3 turnovers lead to 14 points. Goff pick 6, Monty’s fumble deep in our own end. Those 2 plays really killed us.


I don’t hate that call. I don’t like it but I don’t hate it. If they convert, we’re all lauding Dan for his gigantic balls.

I don’t think they had the right personnel in for the play that was called. Gibbs got blown up pretty bad. That should have been Montgomery back there but he was injured. And was the PI on the back end? Maybe, but I don’t like to use the refs as an excuse.

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No it’s really stupid whether they get it or not. Just like it’s really stupid to run a fake punt against the Chiefs on your own 20 in the first quarter. Be results oriented if you want to be. If you are gonna be that way, then you should trash the decision when it fails.

DC is dictating games with this ridiculous decisions. Our defense was fine before that decision today. It literally changed the entire game.

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Hey hold on now he’s getting better…

51 points to Seattle in 2021
48 points to Seattle in 2022
Only 37 points to Seattle on 2023

I mean…I don’t know what else you can really ask for


The defense was not fine before the failed fourth down conversion. You can’t just come on here and say things like that. I swear people come on this site and say things like “Charlie Brown had hoes.” No, he did not. That’s not true.

Yup, this is more on Hutch and Harris being invisible for most of the game against backups. Inexcusable.

How wasn’t it fine??? They had given up 17 points through the majority of 3 quarters. 7 of their points came after a Montgomery fumble on our own 23 yard line. They scored 1 touchdown up until that point in which they had to move the ball. 17 points and ~270 yards through 40+ minutes is fine.

You don’t know what you are talking about. Now go ahead and triple down on how going for it up 4 on your own 45 on a 4th and 5 wasn’t the wrong decision.

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…if only there was a three letter acronym for that, oh well!


You’re forgetting about the two missed field goals. It should have been 20 points and could have been 23.

The defense was lousy from start to finish. Smith was standing in clean pockets all game. After that turnover on downs, Seattle scored only one more offensive touchdown in regulation.

And I didn’t say that going for it was the right decision. I just said that I don’t hate the decision.

They “moved the ball” 26 yards in route to a missed 56 yard FG…

So we are gonna say they should’ve had 20 or 23 points but ignore that they were gifted 7…alright man whatever you say…spin it however you want.

I didn’t say the defense was playing well, I said they were fine. They gave up 1 drive all game. Punt the ball with fox and pin then at the 10. Make the drive which like I said, they weren’t doing much of. The added 1/3 of their yards for the game after the turn over on downs in regulation and overtime.

You insulted me and made an assumption that I don’t know what I’m talking about. If you expect a lot more out of our defense throughout the season you are going to be very disappointed. It’s a middle of the road defense. 17 points and 270 yards in 3 quarters you should probably be happy with. And like I said if you are going to be results oriented in regards to going for it on 4th down, then you should roast the decision when it fails.

Look around: Nobody here will defend the argument that the defense was “fine” until midway through the third quarter. That’s preposterous. No one’s saying that the defense was fine in the first half but then the wheels came off the second half. The defense stunk on ice for four quarters and overtime.

We gave up 158 yards and 7 points in the first half…god damn that’s just pathetic…and they had the ball first and had a 75 yard TD drive to open the game.

I didn’t even say they were good. But if you give up 316 yards and 14 points a game, you have a top 5 defense at the end of the season. But yeah what I’m saying is preposterous…

@JD9 i agree. That 4th was terrible. Put enormous pressure on our D instead of using the ridiculously good punter we have.

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