I have to ask?

Would you rather have drafted Jahan Dotson or Jameson Williams . I’m not sure about this one. Dotson seems to be the real deal. It sure would have been nice to have him all training camp. On the other side we are all hoping our guy gets healthy and turns into a stud . I just hate drafting injured players . What do you guys think about this ?

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I’d take Jamo


Dotson for the same reason

But willing to change my mind later

Jamo just beat Dotson in street clothes. So imagine what its going to be like when he’s actually playing!

On a more serious note I think Jamo has a unique enough skill set that I am okay taking a shot with him over another perfectly good receiver. He is a DeSean Jackson/Tyreek Hill level game changer when he’s healthy.


Dotson looks extremely good. I still think JaMo will be even better once healthy.

I agree with the Hill comparison. I think he will bring those type plays to the lions offense.

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For OUR team specifically, I think Jamo provides better value. We already have some really good slot/underneath route guys (ARSB, Swift, Hockenson on most days). Dotson is excellent in that role, but Jamo can just blow the top off a defense. Which we don’t really have (unless Chark/Raymond start doing that).

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I had Dotson in our Lions mock draft but I would rather have Jameson.

Jameson is a superior prospect and complements St. Brown perfectly with his vertical speed.

I dont think Dotson would mesh nearly as well as Jameson.


For the Lions and what Jamo May bring to this offense I like the pick.

How can we answer before we see Jamo play?


Jamo is the better player, but you can’t compare them when Jamo hasn’t played yet.

When Amon Ra scored the first TD against the Commanders, Jamo was on the sideline celebrating like it was his score. I want that guy.


I suspect that has much to do with why we went and got him… along with amazing skills and godly speed… but I am sure his attitude is part of it.


JW was tops on my WR list pre-injury and Dotson was a player I was hoping we could land.

I was very happy to get JW because I never really thought we had a chance.

To be honest I thought Dotson would make it to our Rams pick.

In a trade up I’d take JW because I think he has a much bigger impact potential.

Let’s hope JW is everything we think he is.


It was a thing of beauty watching him as a gunner for Roll Tide last season. Not many premier WR’s are asked to do that or willing to embrace it the way he did


I didn’t notice that on Amon-Ra’s TD, but I did notice it when scouting him at Alabama. He’s a quiet, shy type dude in front of the microphone. But like he says, he’s a different guy between the lines. He’s all ball and all team.

Alabama Football Happy Dance GIF by SEC Network

I have to wonder if Jamo, had he been able to play against the Commanders, if he catches those two the Chark dropped?

Just imagine if he can take the top off this offence and we can truly attack the entire field! Man a guy can wish

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