I Hereby Declare The Lions The Most Miserable NFL Franchise

Fair enough.

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No arguement from me. I was born in 1959. My first Lions memories are Joe Schmidt, Mel Farr, Dexter Bussey, the orginal #20, Dick Lebeau, Wayne Walker, Mike Lucci, Bill Munson, Greg Landry and of course Alex Karras.

I remember watching Tom Dempsey beat the Lions with 1/2 a foot from 63 yards away on the last play of the game when nobody was kicking 50+ yard FGs. The Lions didn’t even bother rushing him…oops.

So yea…the dude is 100% correct. But what am I gonna do. Just pick a new team and pretend I grew up with them every Sunday??? That just doesn’t work for me to band wagon onto some other team.

So I continue to love them and I always will as long as there is a Detroit Lions and just hope someday they go on a run and have that dream season. I have had more hope since Martha took over than any time under WCF so I am going to ride this out now.


The past is just a bunch of cool stories. Today is what matters. Today we win! Detroit Football is back, even if it is the first time since the 60’s.

10-11 wins this season.

1-2 years away from Super Bowl contention.

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God I hope you are correct

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Ya know what’s sad? That’s more or less how I actually became a Lions fan.

Grew up with the Bay Area 49ers being a dynasty, and visited Michigan for two weeks one Summer, where I was pressured by family to root for Michigan sports.


Law of averages says we are about to go on a Patriot-type run. Look at the Patriots, before Parcells went there…And after…


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That’s exactly what it is. With NFL teams, it’s laughable when people try and utilize similarities over time and then use that as a predetermined lock on predictions for future performance.

Some of the posters at the 247 site still don’t even fully understand we have a new O coordinator and scheme being run this year. Why on earth should we listen to any dire same old, same old language from them.

New-ish Coach, New-ish GM, New Contracts and Cap negotiator, New-ish ownership input. There is very little connection to what was happening with the Lions 4 years ago, let alone 40.


None of them focus on anything outside of Iggy anymore. Every single thread devolves into talking shit to/about him – even threads having nothing to do with him.

So you never talk to your family anymore huh :slight_smile:

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This is actually what keeps me going. No matter if BQ/Patricia fail at least Martha did what a real owner would do and went out and found new blood with qualifications.

This team and front office has nothing to do with the past. I believe Martha when she says she wants to bring a Championship to Detroit and I bet she would love nothing more than to be the person that did it. Imagine if a 90+ year old woman was the one to get Detroit to rise above the past??? What a legacy it would be


I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean, a real life stunner!

Of course everyone started questioning Dempsey’s battering ram foot, and was it fair or not. The front of Dempsey’s shoe was fitted with a steel plate which undoubtedly aided his range.

The image is forever seared in my memory of Lion’s futility. It still bugs me!

For perspective, the ball was spotted and kicked from the Saints OWN 37 yard line!!! Oh, and it was outdoors, on grass/dirt.


A typical Lion’s loss…

The Lions went 10-4 that season, captured the only wildcard playoff spot, but alas…lost to Dallas 5-0!

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How could I have forgot to mention your namesake…one of the greatest Lions ever…Charlie Sanders

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Its fine that you don’t like the other forum, but this statement isnt fair. There’s good talk there as well as here.


Couldn’t agree more with this article. It feels like it was taken directly from my brain.

Then I’m missing it out of frustration.

Sorry, if two consecutive threads turn out that way, why should I give them a third?

It’s a serious problem, whether they choose to deal with it or not.

Alex Karras said that they laughed for 62 yards.


It’s a shame because there are so many good posters over there, but I prefer the quieter atmosphere of The Den.


You mean like how this thread had nothing to do with Iggy and you brought him up anyways? LOL

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Ah, the old 63 yarder. Fond memories as a seven year old who once the ball cleared the uprights I decided to mimic my father’s sometimes salty language for the 1st time which in turn brought about my first full fledged grounding. Nearly 50 years later, not much has changed.