I know The Anti crowd would hope Lions did this LOL

Bears signed TE Jimmy Graham, formerly of the Packers, to a two-year, $16 million contract.

GM Ryan Pace has an infatuation with free-agent tight ends, though none of them have ever worked out for him, dating back to Dion Sims and Trey Burton. Graham was released by the Packers last week and looks washed as he heads into his age-34 season. Graham did very little with Aaron Rodgers, so we’re not going to hold our breath with him in Chicago where he’ll play with Mitchell Trubisky or possibly Nick Foles or Andy Dalton, who have been linked to the Bears in trade rumors.


Oh man, what a great non-signing by Quinn!

Quinn is soo great!!!

Nice try Coyote, keep blindly fluffing Lions management without a clue.

Where’s the downvote button?

Seems like a good deal, I think he isn’t worth that much, but giving Mitch another target could help him.

Well he never did much with GB an Rodgers

This is a terrible deal for the Bears, and they deserve to be mocked.


They are in a tough spot. No draft ammo for one more year and a mediocre qb with only mediocre options on market.

Repeat of the gross man years.

Gotta hope the rest of the team can carry the Qb

I’m going to guess that the deal is written to have an easy out after one year.

I actually think this is a good deal for CHI. They needed a veteran TE. They signed Demetrius Harris too. I suspect they will add some youth as well.

Graham will give them a much needed veteran presence at TE and likely help to bring the group around.