I know we're all busy killing the Lions, but this is a really good MIA vs NE game

Just throwing it out there. Crazy stuff.

That Moestert run looked like what I want to see from Gibbs. Boy if the Lions could do that in the run game, it would help so much.

Mia is looking legit. They were bad as the Lions at one point but seemed to have turned the corners. I’d put them slightly ahead of us in terms of development.

I swear it was 17-10 with a NE INT five minutes ago haha

The patriots offense sucks. Gonzalez is really good. My takes.

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I agree with that. But I can see a world where the Lions could catch up if certain guys developed. Gibbs is one at RB, if Jamo could become a Diet Tyreke, and they need one of the DL to step the heck up. The entire defensive line has zero sacks on the season. You can’t be a legit contender with no pass rush.

That Mac Jones kid has a pretty lively arm.

We needed a talent like Jalen Carter. Hard workers with no talent can only take you so far. Our dline besides Hutch is trash. None of them are pass rushers! Alim has been the biggest disappointment.


I don’t like the flag. He wasn’t playing the ball, but he was playing the player. How does he know Waddle didn’t catch it?

We don’t have a single elite defensive talent on defense except Hutch at any position.

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Alim would look a lot better as an athletic nose tackle playing next to a guy like Jalen Carter (or even what Levi was supposed to be). I think he can look like a Snacks throwback type of player for this defense. But the skimmed down 3 tech feels like him playing out of position.

Agreed :100:

My point! Holmes rather draft skill positions as oppose to defensive talent. What’s the point if you can score but can’t stop anybody? Seattle TE made Rodriquez look like a midget. I like the Campbell pick but Holmes has fail in terms of improving the interior of both the oline and dline imo

Games over and just want to thank everyone for turning it into a Lions thread. :roll_eyes:

it’s funny but he still looks big and slow to me.

He also always seems to be gassed. It feels like we’re playing him way too many reps if he simply isn’t able to get much penetration

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