I Like Beer...Especially Micro brews

It makes me a jolly good fellow. I like beer.
First in the OTT. pdono strikes again.

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Liberals! Conservatives! R rs rarsygsgaysgrble

Then head to Marshall and enjoy a Darkhorse. Scotty Karate is my personal favorite. :slight_smile:

I am probably not gonna make any friends here, but I think Russian Imperial Stouts are about the only beer I hate. Not sure why people like them, might as well just drink skunked brandy.

That being said, I would love suggestions for microbreweries and brewpubs in Michigan and upper Midwest as I enjoy trying new places when I travel around these parts. I am a former Michiganders but only come back one or twice a year at most. Thanks and Cheers!

I like some stouts, but they aren’t my favourite. The only beer I absolutely can’t drink is McEwen’s Scotch Ale which is ironic because my death wish is basically to drown in single malt.

I don’t think I have ever had a Russian IS.

I live in Colorado. This is micro beer heaven.

Be thankful, they suck. Where I live, when a brewery comes out with one, the masses gush over it and buy .75 liter bottles for like $30. I don’t get it, it is not beer, it’s nasty.

I love almost everything else but imperial stouts. I would rather drink wine…and I hate wine. LOL!

Golden lion, have you been to Kuhnhenn Brewing? They make some fantastic high IPA’s, in a wide range of ABV. Dragonmead brewing has Eric the Red which is my favorite red on tap there. A flight at either place will make you feel real good.

I will have to look those up when I am in Michigan next month. Thanks!

Its not really a micro brew anymore, but I just scooped up two 6 packs of Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA for $9.47 a piece (like literally 20 minutes ago). They had it mismarked at Wal-Mart, it was supposed to be $12.98. Yay me!!!


[quote=“WinnipegFan, post:5, topic:38, full:true”]
I like some stouts, but they aren’t my favourite. [/quote]

Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro is an incredible stout.

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Jamesport Brewery, Ludington. They have an Apricot Ale (sounds gross, but…) that will change your mind…on any subject!
Never had a bad beer there!
Btw, I like McEwens.
Jamesport Brewing Company

410 S James St, Ludington, MI 49431
(231) 845-2522


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If anyone is in Portland OR or Bozeman MT or Hong Kong PM me. I own or run breweries there. Happy to extend the Lions fan discount. We all have to drown our sorrows one way or another

My brewery in Portland just got a nice write up in the local magazine. It’s the one with the Pink Floyd name