I like the picks

Kind of a meh when they happened. And I’m totes jelly at Phillys Dline. But thinking about it, we got two really talented ballers who fit culturally.

Do we trade Swift? seems like it’s not a coincidence that there was a story about trade offers for Swift a couple of days before we draft his replacement.


I’d put it this way. If it were the Rams that had this draft I would probably be fairly upset to livid. However, I think Brad Holmes is the real deal. So I’ll hold my skepticism. I just think RB and LB are arguably the least important positions for each side of the offense and defense. Me being a Rams fan also has influence on that opinion. Since we went to Superbowls with meh RBs and literally undrafted or very late round LBs. For us, it was all about pass rush, recievers and good pass blocking. Albeit I suppose you can skin a cat a few different ways. Will be intrigued to see what Detroit does in the 2nd.


Well, their excellent players that have mad skills. Should get lots of playing time. I’m okay with them. bye bye Swift and AA get to know the bench.(which is a good thing)

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The defense calls for 2 starting LB’s. They didn’t pay AA to sit on the bench. They love AA. Campbell and AA are starts…rodrigo is special teams and backup…barnes is in trouble.


Yea… I hope they just let the best player start.