I Love Me Some Stafford... but

We can’t afford to play poker… Last year we played the worst poker game ever. We knew there were 3 stud QBs in the class- aka Herbert would have been #1 had he gone out in 2019… Tua was #1 in the “tank for Tua” campaign til he busted his hip. Burrow had the best CFPB season ever! We were #3 overall and thus in the drivers seat to have one!

Yet we decided to publicly marry ourself to Stafford. We refused to make a modest trade such as #3 fir maybe #5 or #6 and a mere 2nd for #3… let’s not pretend that wasn’t on the table. Quinn wanted to win at poker though, and thus we peed and took a okudah.

Take a 1 and 3/4 asap from SF or Indy. Use the freedom of cap early to extend abs restructure.

Create a big board and if #1 QB on our board… say Fields falls to #7, fine, if not move on yo BPA.

The longer we wait, the longer we delay knowing what we are doing. Who we sign, what positions etc.

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