I’m not a Detroit Lions cheerleader, but why are people so mean to them?

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Typical Carlos Monarrez article. The link has absolutely nothing to do with the title. One of his typical click bait headlines where ultimately he just blames Stafford. I think this is his third article this week where he blamed Stafford. Maybe he should take his own advice? I think Matt must have stolen his parking spot or something.

Personally I wouldn’t waste your time reading his garbage.

I wish people would state it’s a Carlos Monarrez article when they share them. That way I wouldn’t click on it. All of his articles are garbage, opinion peace’s, mostly designed to flame the fans.

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I haven’t read this and I’m no big fan of Carlos Monarrez but just noting: it’s almost always the editor who writes the headline, not the writer. If the article is crap, that’s on Carlos, but if you’re ticked about the headline, blame the editor.

I’m not ticked I just don’t like his work. Often his headline doesn’t match his story and his story sounds like a broken record. I feel like most of his work is plain garbage opinion based bs with zero substance.


Good point

60 years of suckitude kinda brings out the negative feelings. I swear, if they were as creative at winning as they are at losing then we’d have a championship banner or 2. Or at least a few division titles.