I’m officially ready for a new offensive coordinator

The lack of creativity is troublesome. Every yard seems like a struggle. I get it that Minny is a good defense but if you’re going to be a champion you have to hang with good teams. So disappointed in this team inability to get the ball downfield. Feels like it’s been games since we threw a ball deep.


Yup I’m on board.

What is Sylvester Croom doing these days?

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I was thinking that same thing. Watching Fox highlights and it dawns on me that how rare is a Lions highlight? Everything is a struggle for this team and it shouldn’t be.

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I’m not a Cooter fan at all, but there isn’t many plays you can dial up when your QB gets sacked 10 times.

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So many of these sacks feel like coverage sacks. I put that on JBC and Quinn.

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No one was getting open and Stafford did do a shitty job of moving in the pocket. I honestly can’t say anything positive about the offense today.

The team’s hanging their heads pretty bad right now. I expect the axe to drop on someone.

Cooter seems like the easiest scapegoat. He’s a holdover from the last regime and is badly under performing

Seriously though this offense has no identity. At least under Linehan they knew Stafford was a gunslinger shotgun QB with limited mobility and they built an offense around that.

Trying to put him under center and develop a run game is hammering a square peg in a round hole

Our receivers can’t get separation, we can’t execute simple screens, we can’t block most of the time… It’s not a talent issue. I’m amazed at how some coaches like Andy Reid can constantly evolve their offense and scheme guys to run WIDE open and here Stafford has to thread a needle between 4 defenders to complete a 20 yard pass.

See my resonses in other threads but yeah, let’s can cooter if he’s not able to fix the O by next week (I’ll give him one week because of Tate). Also Marciano needs to go. Our special teams has to have the most penalties in the NFL at this point.

I’m on board with parting ways with him. Offense has regressed outside of the games where we were able to run the ball. 0 for 3 in the red zone today.

More than Stafford, players, GM, or HC…OC HAS to be a change. We are going no where this year, I’d make the move now

We should remember that Stafford lobbied for Cooter

a slant would be nice!

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[quote=“TNutZz, post:14, topic:245”] We
should remember that Stafford lobbied for Cooter

I thought about that too. But what’s the phrase? “The NFL is a results-driven business?”

Yeah, sorry Matthew.

I know people keep saying this and it’s probably likely…but is there actual evidence of this? I mean from Matt’s mouth and not speculation by a reporter.

Not trying to be a prick…honestly wondering if I missed something.

Watching the Saints Rams game. Warford is blocking pretty well

Without finding it, I seem to remember it pretty clearly came from Matt

MP interviewed Cooter before he took the job. It was his decision to keep him but he has apparently tried to put his stamp on the offense. It is not working. Not saying Cooter should not go but I think MP is the problem. The entire team looks like crap and has since he got here. I personally think Quinn and MP have the NE arrogant we are smarter than everyone else mindset. They have taken a good team and made them a weekly embarrassment. Personally as a life long Lions fan it has been nice the last few years to not be a laughing stock. But Quinn and MP have managed to bring that weekly embarrassed back. That is why I don’t get the player bashing here. Teams with much less talent go out and play 60 minutes of good football if they are coached well. They may not win but they don’t look inept. The lions look inept and that is on the coaching and the management side.

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