I’m starting to think new HC should be

Kellen Moore. I loved the game he called yesterday. It’s just one game against a horrible defense in the Giants but I will keep my eye out for him. He could be the next Sean McVey

Mike Leach. We might as well just embrace crazy

I’d rather have new owners… change the aura


This. As long as we have a senile old bird with zero football knowledge and a track record of being out of touch, content with failure and incapable of knowing how to hire people, it’s not going to change.

Not sure why you guys don’t just accept that the owner (family) is forever with the Lions. Kind of like it will always be colder in winter, the sun will always be hot.

But if using this as a crutch to justify your complaints, so be it.

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VLGs head would do this-

Well, Martha won’t be around much longer. Not sure how much she’s even involved at this point, but Lions fans’ only hopes would be that the kids have a better philosophy than just throwing shit at a wall and giving people extensions for being terrible. The other hope is that the kids end up not wanting to run the team and sell it to someone who gives AF about having a decent product.

How exactly has Martha thrown shit at the wall? She came in and fired the front office as her first act of control. She hired a consultant to assist with hiring a new GM. She invests into the team and facilities. I mean, what more can she do? She extended Quinn after back-to-back 9-7 seasons… So what?


This. She did more to help the Lions move on to become a respectable franchise within her first year of running the team than her husband did in 50. She shouldn’t be held accountable for WCF’s incompetence. Did she hire the right guy in Quinn? It’s looking like it wasn’t a good hire, but it’s not like she didn’t take all of the necessary steps to get it right.

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She hired a president who had no experience and he even stated that he was unqualified when he was hired. She didn’t even know how to hire a GM, so she went to the league for help, before she hired a GM with no experience. She then let the unqualified GM draft players that were not a fit for the new rookie unqualified head coach she allowed to be hired. She extended a GM who has had no success and the team actually got worse the longer he’s stayed here.

Martha and her late husband have done next to nothing right. You will never convince me that they care about winning, when all they have done is hire unqualified people and then extend them when they fail. 9-7 is cute, but if it doesn’t come with a meaningful win, it’s basically peaking at mediocrity.

Here’s how they could have shown the fans they give AF as an example. Don’t let KC hire Andy Reid and throw 10MM a year at him. Instead, we get some random dude with no qualifications and a blank stare. She went cheap as they always do and get crap results.

So she had no idea how to hire a GM, so she asked for help? How is that dumb? And you’re not going to find good GMs available. I’d rather swing for the fences on a new hire rather than hire a retread that has a history of failure.

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Since when have the Lions become a respectable franchise? They have been the butt of every NFL joke for decades, they just came off a 6-10 year and just lost/tied to last years worst team. She was around this team for decades and when she took over, she had no clue on how to hire a GM or what makes a GM qualified. Then she hired an unqualified GM, go figure. How are you a part of a franchise for 50+ years and not know how it works? I see no discernable difference between her and her husband. Overly loyal. Overly cheap. Ignorant to what happens on the field. Not a speck of concern for the fan base that pays the bills.

Well they did consult Ernie Acorsi when they searched for a GM. Maybe Ernie was senile at the time. It’s not like Martha did anything, she is just the owner, her daughers are like VP CEOs or whatever, they are the one who are the actual bosses.

It’s funny that Martha is getting pooped on for going out and finding a professional to help with the GM search. Talk about bitching for the sake of bitching.


Should have said made an effort to become a respectable franchise. Not that they are. Again, she did more to move the team to resemble a real football franchise in 1 year than WCF did ever. She hired football guys instead of her best buddies. How is she around for 50 years and not know how it works? Because WCF didn’t know how it works. It was the blind leading the blind. She did the smart thing by asking for help instead of believing she knows everything. In business you become successful by deferring to experts when you don’t have the answers.

Cheap? Now you’re just trolling. Please point to where she’s been cheap?

Oh god, I’d be furious with Andy Ried. That dude is never gonna get over the hump.

I don’t think we have enough of a body of work to say Martha is good or bad. I do think she’s trying her ass off.

I do think Quinn is good at his job. I also am starting to see parallels between Patricia and Caldwell. I love the style of offense they want to run, but don’t want a system guy who tries to do things that we don’t have the players to execute.

If we want to slam it up the middle and kill the clock, we need to fix the OL. This OL needs at least 2 new starters, though the interior looked better than I expected them to.

Do what you are good at, and take the mismatches. Hock will be a mismatch almost every week. Did we even target him after shit started hitting the fan?

All of the bitching today is legit, but it should be directed toward Patricia. I hate saying it, because I really like the guy (just like I loved Caldwell). Dudes are good men, and players will love them, follow their lead, and play for them. Really, really like rooting for them. I just hate that we put philosophy over “riding the hot hand.” No two football games should be coached exactly the same way, and Caldwell tried to execute a very similar plan every week. It worked against approximately 9 teams/year, but the best teams could adjust and overcome the predictability.

Let’s learn from this and do something different next time (my hope).
…or we could be Caldwell 2.0?
…or maybe we just suck this year, Quinn fixes the OL, and next year we can actually make it happen?
I believe in Quinn.
I believe Patrica has what it takes to go to the next level. Will he? Dunno. Dude has some decisions to make. I’m not burning the building just yet. Having faith, and having fun is a much better life than expecting everything to implode. The past is cool stories. We may just win the division this year. None of us know.

“The man who worries dies a thousand deaths.”
Don’t kill yourselves today, men.
Have some fun. If the Detroit Lions are the biggest problem in your life…OMG you have an amazing life.

Have a great Monday, and lets get the scouting report from 2 more teams we play tonight!

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I don’t care that she only took over several years ago. The fact that her family’s finger prints are all over the 60 years of failure with this franchise, warrants some responsibility and should also warrant some urgency. Instead we got a rookie president, rookie, gm and a rookie coach to turn this thing around. That is lunacy and that is spitting in the face of the tortured fan base.

If she really gave a crap, she could have done her due diligence, compiled a list of top GMs and head coaches and then handed out blank checks. For once, why can’t we try to get a sought after leader and not try to win the lottery on someone’s assistant? For instance, if the consensus is that the Steeler’s GM is the best in the business, then she should be backchanneling him and saying, “when you’re ready for a change of scenery, let me know. I will have a Brinks truck come pick you up.” Double salaries, do whatever it takes. What is an extra 3 million to a head coach when your franchise is worth over a billion? Again, when your franchise has been terrible for 60 years, why is the front office and head coach all unproven rookies?

Hiring unproven rookies for a fraction of the salary of proven legit coaches and GMs is the pure definition of cheap. Not wanting Andy Reid because he doesn’t win super bowls is pretty rich. The dude is 12-14 in the playoffs and we have 1 playoff win in 62 years as a franchise.

Please provide a list of available successful GMs and coaches that were available. I’ll be waiting because it’s seems like you’re just bitching to bitch.

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But his offense’s look pretty in the regular season