I’m still worried about Glenn

And this defense.

Fields looked like an All Pro.

That said, those who have claimed we still have a little ways to go yet have an argument that is becoming more compelling by the week.


Agreed. The defense is just ok and has enough speed and dynamics against mediocre offenses but will get torched against good ones.

As to the offense, Goff had a bad day but still showed up when it counted. If the Lions had a lead earlier, they probably could have run the ball a bunch and worn out the bears. This is a more likely game plan out doors in chicago.


in Glenn’s defense, he did adjust the defense. It’s up to the players to make plays.


I’m still not sure how much blame AG gets, and how much blame Brad gets. For example, Hutch predictably get’s erased all game with double teams, as there’s basically a zero DE opposite of him.

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I would kill to see Sweat across from him.


Who started the season playing the guy who got 8 sacks in 7 games last year at linebacker instead of DE? Who got that guy injured playing special teams?


Yeah, man. He’s got to figure out how other teams handle running QB’s.
It was understandable in 21.
I thought we did better against mobile QB’s last year than we are this year, though.
They better get it worked out before the playoffs, or we’re not going to get past Hurts.

Tackling was sporadic but they have a ton of guys that are a load to bring down. Aside from that the defense was mostly solid outside of the holding penalties. We simply refused to adjust to how the refs were calling that (just against us).

I think we should be. Aside from McNeil and Hutch, the rest up front are way underperforming and our pass rush blows.

Our secondary is one more good corner away. Man :man_standing: want CGCJ back for another stud in secondary.

CJGJ and Houston MAY help but this team needs a few more studs on D or we need guys to perform if we are gonna make a run.

I am now changing my thoughts on deadline and thinking we should have made a move!

The guy we just faced is coming off the second most prolific rushing season in history. He’s a nightmare to deal with when he’s right.


I hope Irvin has 5-7 sacks in the tank.

On bright side, Bohanna flashed a few times today


You guys don’t follow other good teams over the years and these posts kinda prove it.

Fun fact- this was a below average performance from Field and the Bears offense in games Fields have started this season.

This type of game gives me anxiety when I think of facing a Hurts, Prescott or even a Stafford in the playoffs.

People can thump their chests all they want. We would NOT do well with Nacua and Kupp.

Take out the 39 yrs run with the missed tackle and Fields was an average running back who failed to get first downs. I like what I saw from the D after the first drive.


They gave up 10 points on 4 turnovers with 2 drives starting at the 35 line


By every metric this is a defense in the top 7 to 13 in the league. People can worry if they want, seems like wasted energy at this point.
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Part of todays problems was Campbell. He still looks like a rookie and really struggled with Fields in the running game.


He did have several rough sequences.

Now this is a real concern

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He has flashed this season. He will be fine, he just needs reps.