I’m still worried about Glenn

I never wanted Sweat- I wanted to offer two firsts for Crosby or to trade for Rasul Douglas with the Vikes 3rd, and got back a 5th or 6th like Buffalo did. I would have taken back a 7th even

Decker doesn’t have a 3M year, it’s just a cap hit voided year, next year is his last.

I’d love to draft 2 OL in the first 3 rounds for that and other reasons. By doing so we minimize our odds to land a top DT, CB and Edge

Getting a 2 year starter in his prime at CB cheap via trade, signing a top DT or Edge in FA, and drafting edge or DT in round one would have been ideal. Then drafting OT and OG in rounds 2-3.

Baltimore was the only atrocious defensive performance. Seattle, LAC and CHI were all underwhelming but that’s going to happen in the NFL.

Still 3 of 4 of those being the last four games is at least a tad concerning.

Sounds cool for madden when you can force trades and manipulate contracts… But in reality no

The trade was factually.

Bills 3rd… for Rasul Douglas and packers 5th not forced, it happened.

Douglas was put “on the block” so there’s that.

He costs 600k this year and 6.5M next year.

We have 70M plus next year and have money now. What part of getting a 1.5 year legit starting CB for a total of 7M over both years is a bad deal?

You don’t know of the lions were offered that deal. Your don’t know if gb was willing to trade him in division. You don’t how they valued potential lions picks vs potential buff picks. You don’t know if he agent told the lions he wasn’t interested. You don’t know if he’s a fit on this team (again not madden so not everyone fits everywhere). Your entire argument is if we offered the same we’d get him. But that again is madden logic. Nfl doesn’t work that way. Juat because you think a guy fits doesn’t mean Campbell does.

Furthemore he is not a legit #1 corner. He’s a journey man. He seems to have found a home. Close to his family.

Also, in the not madden vein, a fit in buff Def does not equal will excel everywhere.

Ur 100%.

The most successful sales people never stop working the phones. The Commanders wanted a 1st, then a 2nd for Chase. They wanted a 3rd for Fuller.

They didn’t get what they asked for by SF kept picking away. They got him.

And you know Holmes wasn’t working phones? You are spiraling here

But also chase likely doesn’t fit here. We can’t pay him. A first is too much for a 1 year rental