"I never really loved the Lions that much"

Can we add sensible decision making to the growing list of reasons to draft Hutch?


Haha at least he’s honest. I saw it reported that he grew up a huge Lions fan, these reporters just making shit up again I see.


You mean he doesn’t like our 119 - 216 - 1 record since he was born? What in the heck is he looking for?

Last year he should’ve said he wasn’t coming back to Michigan because he didn’t want to be the number one overall pick and be drafted by the Lions.

Part of a lost generation who missed the Barry Sanders era and got stuck with the Matt Millen era instead.


I think with drafting Hutchinson, we could potentially be getting a huge leader for our defense and part of our winning culture change. I’m extremely impressed by the 6 quarters I’ve watched of him. I can’t wait to watch more of his games when I have more time as the draft gets closer.


I don’t put much stock into this. How many draft picks go to teams they are fans of? I can’t imagine it will have an impact on his play on the field.

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Oh, for sure. I only identify his current ambivalence towards the Lions as a plus.

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Stafford was a die hard Cowboys fan.


I wonder if he was a Michigan fan. They’ve been pretty bad over that same period of time. Good thing for us he didn’t pick OSU.

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I feel like the odds of being drafted by a team you loved as a kid are lower than a team you were indifferent toward or even didn’t like.

I honestly don’t get why this comment is getting so much air-time. No offense to the OP as I do think Hutch to the Lions is an interesting topic.

That’s a bit of a letdown that he never loved the Lions that much. But I’m sure it’s a guarantee Thibodeaux wasn’t a Lions fan growing up either

Spielman didn’t love the Lions until he did. I have no doubt Aiden can drink the Kool-Aid.


A Detroit area kid who loves Brady & The Cheatriots ?! Smacks of poor parenting & a bandwagon inclination, if you ask me. What other bad habits were ingrained during his formative years ?

Does he pee sitting down ?

Love country music over Motown ?


Realistically, if a guy his age is willing to publicly admit he’s a Lions fan, there is no way he’s going to pass the drug test.


Is Thibedeaux a Ducks fan? That’s my question. You’d never guess he was by how he half-a**ed those 2 games against Utah.

His dad played for Michigan, he likely has been visiting the big house since he could walk, he chose to play at Michigan when other big name schools were recruiting him, so I suspect that he was definitely a Michigan fan.

It’s true Michigan has had been waaaaay down most of the last 20 years. (Believe me, I know. I moved back to Ann Arbor in 2005 after living out of state for a decade, just in time for the Nick Sheridan/Steven Threet experience.) But there have still been a few exciting moments in there. Denard Robinson was super fun to watch. We had a Sugar Bowl victory. There were a couple pretty satisfying beat-downs of Notre Dame under the lights.

Slim pickins, no doubt. It’s no fun to be your rivals’ bitches for 15 years. But compared to the Lions??? Lololololol! I say this as someone who spends significant portions of his life talking about the Lions on a Lions message board. But anybody who’s still a passionate fan of this team has something wrong in the head.

Robert Saleh grew up a die-hard Lions fan and they wouldn’t even hire him… :man_shrugging:

That’s me. Was born 1990. I remember watching Barry a little but my first year really following Every game was mariuccis first season

I’m in almost the same boat. I watched the Lions a little when I was younger, at least enough to be aware of Barry and the 90s playoff appearances. But I didn’t start really following them closely until Bobby Ross’ last year, and didn’t start getting super into the Lions (spending tons of time here and at MLive, listening to every Tom Kowalski radio spot) until the following season when they hired Millen and Mornhinweig.

So when I say there’s something wrong with you if you’ve spent the last 20 years watching this team and still call yourself a fan, I know this from firsthand experience.


These are almost coequal to me. Is that bad? :crazy_face::flushed::upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: