I quit on this team today and I feel bad..I need to be better

That’s funny because I thought the same.

I’ll roll with it. Only lions find a way to win a game like this. The new SOL

I am 53 and I never lost faith this game.
Not even for a minute to be very honest.
When they got the ball back with 4 minutes I was like OK just gonna have to be perfect here boys. After the 3 and our by Chicago I was going to be shocked if the Lions did not win.

But I am a die hard MSU fan and I have watched a team suck and then turning it around. I know what it looks like.

The Lions will never quit on a game and MCDC will always have a plan or a path to victory. That is a huge part of it.

And I knew when MSU was done. When they lost a game because they were disorganized at the end with Dantonio. When the coaches are not anticipating the victory the team is cooked.

This Lions staff anticipates winning. And I for one am on board

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This is the best post I’ve read in awhile in here-

All game long the torches were being lit, and pitch forks sharpened. We luck into a win somehow, and all other observations made for the first 57 minutes of play were nullified.

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Don’t feel bad. This is a pretty bad team being lead by a coaching savant. The roster is pretty crappy…they play awful for 2/3 of most games, but they find a way. They’re easy to quit on in-game because they look like garbage for most of it. I’m done trying to figure out how they’re doing it (honestly it’s mostly because of their schedule). But who cares. They are 8-2. That is the only thing that matters. There are no paths to improvement of the roster in 2023 so let’s see what happens.
Do I think they should’ve made a few deals to solidify some weaknesses? Yup! But they didn’t so they punted a SB run but we can still enjoy the ride. They’ve won 16 of last 20. Thanks Dan Campbell!

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I’m confused. The Lions are a bad team with a crappy roster but could have made a SB run if they made a few deals? Bad teams are more than just a few deals away from a SB run. So which is it? If you are just coming here to be a Vikings fanboy and dump on the Lions ok. But at least be consistent.

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It finally worked!

NFC North

Lions 8-2 -
Vikings 6-5 2.5
Packers 4-6 4
Bears 3-8 5

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Please tell me you fell off karras roof trying to deliver Christmas presents. I need that image and laugh in my life right now. :rofl::rofl:

Dude you are so right. That’s kind of why I ONLY (85%) post my negative stuff on here and save my warm and fuzzies for private conversation. If you dare say anything negative about the FO the select few (you know who you are) lambast with insane passive aggressive behaviour. Like are these people serious? By the way Holmes is an average GM, top 12. And btw Jamo and Campbell were horrible picks! :joy:. Go Chiefs tomorrow!!

There’s critiquing and then there’s being completely asinine. A lot you have gone completely bonkers on the game thread… LOL :rofl: … It’s OK, I fully understand.

Hopefully your talking about Cameo because the thought of your warm and fuzzies on OnlyFans is disconcerting.

LOL, how about sending the team some positive vibes instead of this so old negative garbage? If you are ‘quitting’ on the Lions in game, you should probably just stop watching. They have never been better in your lifetime.

I didn’t even bother with the game thread this week. I’d imagine it was a cess pool of negativity.

Judging draft picks before the guy plays 16 games…
great idea.

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My first Lions memory? Lions losing to the Cowboys 5-0 in the playoff game. Earl McCulloch dropped a TD pass in the endzone that would’ve won it. It was unfortunate because the Lions were Super Bowl good that year.

Nah sorry. My dad owned a window cleaning co. I was helping. I was on the roof going to clean a dormer window but the roof had damp cedar shake shingles and when I hit the damp spot off I went. Landed on the metal basement eve and at first thought I broke my leg. Still have a dent in my shin from that. My dad knew quite a few legends. Like Karras Al Kaline Brooks Robinson


If they turned off the game then they are officially disqualified as being die hard. They died easy. Punks.

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When the game started taking over my emotional state in the fourth quarter I turned it off and started reading a book. Later when I saw they won i watched the ending knowing they would win. Would recommend. 10/10

yep… BNL is a thing…

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