I read rumor that Carr to Pats

I had read about a move up by Raiders for Tua.

would fans consider a move down with Raiders

Pick #3 for picks 12 ,19, 80, 90
I would do this move in heart beat

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I would. I’m not sold on who is worth a 3rd pick.


I’d prefer to stay in the top 7-8 but that is quite tempting!

Understand but if example 3 of the top 10 are QBs then #12 for position other than QB should be top tier players


They need to fork over more than that. That’s less than +200 on the trade value chart. There will be superior offers to that one.

only if Young isnt there.

Simmons likely gone by 12 and Murray could be gone 50/50 by 19. I like 5 and 26 better than 12 and 19 despite both adding up to 31 :slight_smile:

5 26 40whatever the latter 2nd is, is my minimum get.

Flip 5 for 7 and 41 plus 2021 2nd.

7,26, 35,40,48?


I could get on board with several mini moves down as this idea…only when we can guarantee a player we truly covet will be at that spot . If we trade down from #3 to #5 and #5 is being used for a QB we better have 2 players we are in love with so that one is available at #7 a jump from #5 to #12 would make that highly unlikely or even #7 to #12 I want a stud prospect for the year of agony …not a quantity get for the sake of quantity.

I’d be ok with that trade as long as we can get Simmons, Kinlaw, or Espenesa…or even Ceedee Lamb.

I’d do the deal that Coyote mentioned plus their 2021 first. That’s the kind of value I think we should be pushing for if Tua health checks out. He will be very valuable IMO

Decent chance Kinlaw is still available at 12, especially if there is a run on OTs. I could live with that.

Dropping that far would need next years FRP in the trade return as well. But for such a package Washington probably makes that trade.

I would take the trade. I would be a little nervous about missing on a blue chipper but I don’t think I could pass on the picks.