I really want to know how you feel{lifelong Lions fans)

Being 1 playoff win in 63 years. One of the worst teams in sports history.

You feel negative expecting things to go wrong , maybe feeling a demise coming down 26-14 with a 1.8 % chance to win and the wheels to fall off at any moment

BUTTT HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW!!! At 8-2 and tied with philly #1 seed after they lose tonight on mnf.

And get ready for a NFC PLAYOFFS that go through Detroit


Lions Fan since 1975. This Coach and GM and owner are special. Hands down absolutely no comparison to the past steaming pile of poopie pants in the past. The aura of buffoonery has now gone away. You all need to zip it when things don’t go right because it can be so much worse. I lived through all the Lion asshats. I’m telling you all, this is the real deal, so stop freaking out every week when things look bad. Put on some diaper’s and have a little faith.


I feel like I watched a Stafford led, Caldwell coached team play a normal game.
However, combine this with the arrowhead win, the Packers trouncing, the beating of the teams we should beat…
Been saying it to all who will listen, best Lions team I’ve ever seen.
Now I’m just a pup, my birthday for Lions fandom was 1992, when I was 10 years old. But still, best I’ve seen so far.


Born in 1973, vowed to be a Detroit Lions fan in 1978 , to me I think we can handle the teams left on the schedule and win them all.

Lions fan since 1960. Loved those Lions teams through the 60’s, especially Alex Karras, Roger Brown and Joe Schmidt. Been a faithful Lions fan throughout despite having moved all over the country (currently retired in Denver).

At this point I’m not sure HOW to feel. There is a surreal aspect to it as I wonder can this be happening? Yet, there is some feeling of elation as I REALLY LIKE THIS TEAM! I wrote the Lions needed a culture change on this board when Patricia was finally fired, and was apprehensive when unknowns like Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell were named GM and coach, respectively. It has been gratifying to see real culture change as the Lions have become a real football team, not some version of 7v7 that so many teams have gravitated toward. This is the team I have always dreamed of, perhaps because they remind me of the early 60s Lions who were also a physically and mentally tough team. Brad and Dan have crafted a real team that is very easy to root for, which helps make up for the many years of Matt Mullen, Marty Mourningweg, and Matt Patricia (to name but a few) that I suffered.

I hold no grudges over the past, but it is sweet to see this team play today. I’m also all in on Brad’s mantra that he is building a team to win and to keep winning sustainably. That turbocharges the excitement I feel for this team and this season. So, for now, I am enjoying the ride!



First of all, one playoff win doesn’t bother me.

What bothered me was watching the bucs, the panthers, the oilers, the falcons, the real browns and the mother ■■■■■■■ cardinals all make the superbowl in that time!

I don’t think this is the year. They aren’t s-tier yet, but I think if this offseason goes well…shit, this can finally be something good


This team this year are doing things never seen in Detroit.

They will win the North for the first time ever.

They will set the franchise record for wins.


Only team I follow since literally birth … 50 years and then some….

Being in recovery for 21 years now, I do my best to live in the moment…. In the present… since I am in Oklahoma, and not in Detroit, I watch from afar with “benign interpretations” …. I want the to win but I know to only hope they win as I have no control over the game.

The past regarding this team means nothing to me expects to show growth and hope.

8-2 means we should win the division (95%) and we should make it to the second round of the playoffs…. But until we do we don’t

And then there is loyalty…. I will support them favorably but honestly and alway lean towards half full and never half empty…

I love them as my only team; I love my God and recovery more…. If I allow them - the team - to start effecting me emotionally then I have learned to put the team down for a while…. Like I don’t sit and follow the game threads religiously anymore; too negative and emotional and I don’t need to watch others in thier own for if addiction…. My opinion only.

Love you all, love the team but Christ is my Lord and Savior baby!! Enjoy it while it lasts!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart::pray::innocent::crazy_face::+1::upside_down_face::sunglasses::boom:


I haven’t been this excited since Dutch Clark was running roughshod through the Frankford Yellow Jackets!

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We were screwed by a draft that would sink your team with huge contracts for players who had never set foot on an NFL field when we chose wrong. A destination that no FA was interested in coming to and GM’s and coaches who were elevated above their abilities and failed miserably forever. An owner that, well, I don’t speak poorly of the dead. In the end you have to be good at all these to succeed. Better coaches, GM’s, drafts, an actual destination where FA’s wanted to be a part of and an owner that was invested in a quality product. As they say in the auto industry, we are hitting on all cylinders right now. Wherever this goes I know for a fact that we are headed in the right direction and that alone is worth plenty. SB is still a dream but dreams do come true and the nightmare is over. What they have bought us right now is hope and it’s real.


Been a Lions fan since I could watch them, 62 years old now and have stayed a Lions fan after living in CA, PA and now TN for the last 40 years.
I have taken a lot of shit from friends over the years about the Lions ( mostly Steelers, Eagles and Ravens fans).

What I find interesting is almost all those friends have reached out this year to me about the Lions and they all seem to be rooting for them to do good this ( except some of the more obnoxious Eagles fans I’m friends with).

Just enjoying this year no matter how far we go and just hope to see the Lions in the SB in the next few years.

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Born in 78, first memory of being a “lions fan” was in kindergarten, my mom had to tell my gym teacher and other teachers that I had 3 Billy Sims jerseys and to not think I didn’t have any other clothes. My gym teacher would just call me “Billy” and would do his td celebration as we would run around the gym.
Always hesitant to go all in, worried to get your heart crushed again and again, can you imagine what a SB celebration could be like? It wouldn’t just be one parade, it would have to be a weekend blue juice lion fest that would almost need the travel the state, not just Detroit. Kinda like having the Stanley Cup on display for Detroit fans, a SB win, the lions could have a line for months to get their pic with the trophy.

There could be so many docs made of the Detroit teams, from its fan base to the misery…. But it just seems this time is just different. From the top down, it just feels like we have an owner in Shelia, to a front office with Brad, a coaching staff led by MCDC that created an atmosphere that is just pure Detroit. Not something that was “the Patriot Way” or what worked in San Francisco, this is pure hard “time to go to work” like what the Pistons brought in the 2000s. The culture is infectious, more than anytime before. Maybe the Koolaid tastes better with age, but it’s just a weird feeling to see this Lions Organization doing what it’s doing.

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Love the screen name man
That’s a big compliment coming me
@frm710 considers me top generate gambler here

I’d sum up the feelings here as:

Unusual levels of excitement !!!
Feelings of wait…we can really do this?
Small amount of fear, is this the apocalypse??
And then the PTSD of waiting for the piano to fall from the sky and crush us…

But this is the BRAND NEW LIONS


You ever seen the movie Das Boot where they survive the entire movie, climb out of the sub at the end seemingly safe back at home, only to die in an air raid???

Um, uh, may have misquoted me there…
Season 2 No GIF by Paramount+

I knew eventually this would happen.

But I had assumed that it would be one of those seasons like Minny last year where everything just goes their way. A lot of lucky bounces and such.

This is a really good team. They do not win by luck. So surprised how truly solid this team has become. While I preach we could make it to Super Bowl the reality is I think Philly is clearly the best team. And then SF is a bit more polished. But I like our chances.

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Became a fan as a ten year old in '68. When my dad and other cub scouts went to Tiger Stadium to watch the Bears. This is the best I’ve ever felt about the team.

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