I say Lions will beat the Vikes

Next week. Even if Stafford doesn’t start.

That’s what they do. :man_shrugging:t4:

It would be lucky if Stafford played period…that ankle and ribs.

Tavai got his ankles broke 3 times on the same drive. Not a chance in hell the lions win next week unless stafford plays.


Dale, I don’t think this team has the character or heart to bounce back from today’s disaster & beat the Vikes. I think they’ve quit. I’d love to be wrong however.

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I guess I’m looking at it from a Draft standpoint: if they go 6-10, they likely fall to pick 10-11.

I think the GM of the Vikings would like to lose the game. I think the Vikings offense just has too many weapons and will run/pass all day long against Detroit’s D.

Expect Cook and Jefferson to both have 150 yards and 3 TD’s between them.

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I expect the game to be within 7. The in-opportune turnovers will decide it.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see a fumble into the end zone and it be ran back the other way for the score.

both teams would benefit from a big fat loss. toilet bowl game!

If ever there was a way to feel physical pain from merely watching football, this would be it - lions fandom.

Can’t wait to get on with the next regime. Hope they can get it right.

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Even if he does this defense can’t stop a 15 year old dog with 3 legs. He’d have to throw 10 TD passes


Worst 5 win football team in the history of the league.


I told my wife that at the very least they will cover the spread. (Got into a conversation about point spreads and how there have been several games this year that were easy money, if I were a gambler.)

I think both teams have given up.

Chase starts and they don’t score more than 10… Stafford should’ve never started the last two games as it is. Let’s get to the offseason and start the rebuild with the highest draft pick possible at this point.

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Dalvin Cook will beat the Lions by himself


Remember when people thought we had the best RB room in football? :joy:

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The “Barry would run for ____ thousand yards behind that Cowboys offensive line era”.

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A strangely familiar post from Dec 21:The Jets just lost the first pick

Yep, when two teams need to lose, you can count on the Lions winning.

Vikings defense looked bad in their last game but the Lions were way worse today. I don’t see a win happening. I missed the first half of today’s game. I feel lucky I didn’t waste my time. It kind of reminded me of a preseason game. Not much enthusiasm as far as I could tell. The Lions will be better off losing to Minn. Probably improve their draft slot.

This is team is toast…they will lose big next week again.

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Stafford can’t even walk, and were not winning with Daniels AND Blough.

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