I think the Lions might have something with Blough

With the QB position there are so many traits that can’t be taught. You either have it or you never will. Blough showed traits that rookie QBs usually don’t display. Especially rookie UDFA making their first career start, on a huge stage.

  1. Confidence. The moment wasn’t too big. His 2nd career pass was a 75 yard bomb. I remember watching Dan Orlovsky have guys open downfield and would check down. He wouldn’t throw past 10 yards, and that is the case with many NFL QBs. That is not the case with Blough. This guy is looking to make plays and attack.

  2. Keeps eyes downfield. Many young QBs have trouble keeping their eyes downfield when the pass rush is coming. Not Blough. He is not scared and his eyes stay downfield all the time, even when he was rushed. The pass protection was very good, but his ability to keep eyes downfield was very impressive.

  3. Abilty to feel the pass rush. Again, this is a trait that most young QBs don’t have. He has a great “antenna” and could feel the pressure/ anticipate the pass rush and would move around in the pocket very well. Great pocket presence/ awareness.

  4. Ability to manage the game. The Bears defense is pretty good and things didn’t go his way midway through the game. It was tough sledding and moving the ball was difficult at times. But he didn’t force things. He waited for his opportunities and took them when available. He avoided critical mistakes. He managed the game very well.

I am hoping he shows well the rest of the way. Whatever side you sit on with Stafford I think most agree that the Lions need to invest in the QB position. Staffords health and other factors mean you should spend a 2nd or 3rd on a QB this year… that is if David Blough doesn’t dice up defenses the rest of the way. He has looked better at any point of time than Haskins or Finley have for example. One was a first and the other a 3rd. Blough has moxie. Maybe not the most physically gifted, but I think he has an adequate arm.

Aikman said that Trent Dilfer called him up before the game and told him Blough is the real deal. Dilfer works with tons of QBs and said that Blough is a top 5 he has worked with. Blough looked better than any piece of garbage the Lions have had backing up Stafford since Hill.

I am not saying that Blough is going to be a starter ( although I am also not going to say he can’t be). But it was an impressive performance, to say the least. The Lions usually get pantsed by Minny so it will be another massive challenge for Blough.

Hopefully the Lions have found a tremendous asset.


I like him too…and he’s only 24. I’d be thinking seriously about extending him and developing him behind Matt. I don’t think most teams keep a backup for 6 years (how much longer I think Matt will play for), but maybe we can get a sweet trade for him in a year or two?

Worst case scenario is that he’s a damn good backup if Stafford gets hurt.

Best case scenario, he is an awesome starter after Matt retires.

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Ummm…I would like to see how he fairs in more games than one before declaring anything.

And frankly, he is going to get destroyed on Sunday.


Loved how he looked; reserved in my optimism as rookies often look good early, then wilt when defenses get some tape.

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I remember when I felt confidently about Mike McMahon.

I was equally wet behind the ears.


Ha! McMahons problem was he couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. He had the wheels and the arm but he was as accurate as (insert analogy here)

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Exactly… I think he showed why he was a 3rd string QB… he has a lot of improving to do before I’d view him as anything but a bench warmer.

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Albeit one game but Blough showed much better elusiveness than McMahon ever did. Blough was moving around in the pocket like Rodgers does. Always looking downfield and eluding pressure, but able to reset his feet and make a throw

McMahon has some wheels but it was more of a tuck and run after his first reads

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He could start by hitting an out route or the soft spot in a cover-2 zone (turkey hole). Hopefully he’s able to put enough zip on the ball to execute those.

He made those throws at Perdue but it’s a different story of course in the pros.

One brite side is he made the rest of the season interesting to watch. I’ll be cheering for him to play well while rooting for the Lions to lose

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Good to hear, hopefully he can make those throws in the NFL.

I am also cautiously very optimistic. In fact I would agree with the traits Iggy points out, and add a couple I saw. Ones that QBs generally either are able to learn quickly, or they just never do:

  1. Accuracy:
    I read that he was coached at Purdue by a coach that is highly respected in the NFL, and that they worked on him with his accuracy. For the most part his throws looked like they were put in very easy to catch places, hitting receivers in stride.
  2. Ability to read defenses and go quickly through his progressions:
    The receivers were clearly more involved in most of the game. He was even victimized by a couple of drops. Everything in the passing game seemed much quicker with him out there instead of Driskel.

I was particularly impressed with his pocket awareness, a trait Iggy points out. He evaded multiple sacks. In particular I remember one play when the Defense was collapsing the pocket, and it looked like a probable strip sack from behind. Blough had great pocket awareness on the play and ended up gaining a yard running the ball on the play.

Not sure what we will see the rest of the way, but I too think they may have found a QB with a future in the league, for a potential swap of 2022 7th round picks. Definitely makes the last few games interesting to me.

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He looked a lot more comfortable against the Bears than I expected him to be, but one game isn’t enough to project his future in the league.

Best case scenario is he looks good these next few games, backs up Stafford next year and then we can maybe get a mid round pick in 2021 for him if he’s shown potential to be a starter in the league.

A future mid-round pick is your ‘best case scenario’?

He’s an undrafted free agent that we swapped seventh round picks in 2022 to acquire. I’d love for him to turn into Tom Brady but he’s far more likely to land at the other end of the QB scale IMO.

I suppose the real best case scenario is that he’s elite and we win 10 Super Bowls in a row but that’s extremely unrealistic. Given what he cost to acquire I think the most realistic positive outcome is that the Lions can trade him for a decent pick somewhere down the line. Expecting anything more is silly after just one game.

Ten super bowls seems a tad unrealistic. I was thinking a second round pick would be more attractive should the lions choose to trade him.

Pats flipped a couple of their developmental QBs for high second round picks. To me that’s closer to a ‘best case scenario’

Bledsoe, Cassell, Mallett, Garropolo…trading QB’s is a cottage industry in New England.

They only did this as they were completely stable at AN with TB.

I want MS to continue to play and win. He is the best we have literally ever had at the position imho. But, injuries are a concern as is his longevity as he is older now.

I want to see more Blough and I’m not talking lines!! And I also will not be surprised to see us platoon the QB spot in a remaining game or two. Like in preseason.

I watched the game from the corner of the endzone, so I definitely have an incomplete picture of what he’s capable of. You’re right, I’m definitely interested to see a little more.

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Blough may have the intangibles but he’s wildly inaccurate when pressured. I can’t get behind a QB that can’t make the throws when he’s pressured. That’s what separates the the good from the great.

McMahon’s accuracy improved when he stood in the pocket with proper footwork. I actually think Mariucci was the right QB coach for him, but Millen forced Joey on him. The problem with McMahon’s accuracy mostly stemmed from him running around like a chicken with his head cut off and then trying to throw from that. He tried to be Aaron Rodgers, and he’s not that level talent, he would have been more effective in a Colin Kaepernick, look for the pass and then just run, type of role.

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