I think we are in row two

I think they are a pretty well built team with a really good defense, CMC/Foreman/Hubbard, Solid receiving core…all they were missing was a QB and LT and I think they got both. And like I said in my post, Corral is my QB1 in this draft. I wanted the Lions to take him. So for me, yes they are trending up.

Brian Burns, Derrick Brown, and a really good back 7 across the board. I have a hard time finding holes on their team :man_shrugging:t2:
I’m curious what you don’t like about their roster.

How are the Bears not in “tank time”? They might have the worst team in the league.

I don’t blame people for having the Lions in the bottom tier. They won 3 games last year, had a quiet free agency and are depending on a lot of rookies and second year guys to show improvement. They’re trending in the right direction, on paper, but they won’t get respect until they earn some.




Maybe some people believe in Justin Fields! I sure don’t.


So, because they got the QB you liked the best in the draft, they are now trending upward?
A QB that got picked at the bottom of the 3rd round, nonetheless. Do I need to remind you how many starting QB’s were picked in the 3rd round?

Derrick Brown is solid but definitely not the wrecking ball they were hoping he’d become, 64.2 PFF grade. CMC can’t stay healthy, Chuba is a 3.6 ypc guy, they have no QB, DJ Moore is awesome but their next best WR is Robbie Anderson is just ok, they have no TE.

Carolina is online with the Texans, they are the bottom dwellers of the NFL. It will be years before they are ever even close to mediocre.

Dude the list is my opinion though. So of course, IMO, I really like their team…

I even listed the panthers as one of my 4 controversial teams. I don’t know what more of could’ve done.

I think we’re in the “could compete” tier.
“If things fall together”.

Looks accurate.