I think we beat the Bears on TDay

Gotta admit, the team really surprised me the way they battled today and took the Rams to the mat before losing

I don’t think we can convert two fake punts and convert a surprise onside KO every game going forward and Goff sucks…but the staff had the team playing hard

If the staff completes their OTJ training and Holmes has a couple good off seasons including finding our QB…we could be back to competitive in a couple years.

But I think we beat the Bears and maybe sneak in a surprise W along the way. So I am thinking no 0-17 for us



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Next week is ours… Eagles are swirling down the toilet. Coaching staff is dumfounded, compounding QB issues. Vets are close to mailing it in. Live near Philly, so heard about dissention tonight.
Yet media is dismissing us, because we are the Lions after all. Like they’ve watched our games.


Could happen

We gotta come out with the same energy and effort and creative gameplay we did this week. We faked punts… why not keep doing it?

Ummm…because the other teams get to watch this game so we are not gonna surprise them for the next 10 weeks by doing so

Campbell shot his wad today. He really wanted a win…especially THIS win. He pulled out all the stops. I think the other teams won’t be very easily fooled for a while

They might pull off other trick plays on offense ( reverse, flea flicker etc) but I don’t think we will be surprising teams every week with fake punts and early onside kicks


Please remember, Fox is an athlete, not just a punter. We’re gonna use this stuff from time to time. Fox is basically Chuck Norris of the NFL
Dude was an all state QB in High School, as well as a really good baseball player. I feel like we should almost stop looking at him as a punter.

Fox can pass as well as take off. He’s not the fastest guy on the team, but plenty quick enough to outrun DL, and on par with most LBs, so if they don’t get a good angle on him, it’s too late. Plus, if they’re not careful, Fox will fuck 'em up…you have to make a business decision, when you decide to tackle a man like him.


I just want the first pick in the draft.


Let’s clone Fox 22 times and have attack of the clones on both sides of the ball

I’ll take it.

Bears fans working hard for the team…

Especially after reading about another blunder from Nagy…

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Eh, sounds like we’re the perfect team they need to get thier ball rolling again.
Lions played like total ass against the Bengals. Surprised many by playing… competitive vs the Rams. Feeling a major let down next week. But I’m me. I have zero belief in this team.

The Bears game on T-Day is very winnable so is next week against the Eagles. If we lose both those games we are going 0-17.


Its amazing how the Lions are the tonic to cure all their opponents ails…

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The Bengals game is the only one they didn’t have a chance to win in the 4th. I think that’s pretty impressive especially considering the slew of injuries. Hell, that would be impressive for a HEALTHY Lions team.

In any event, I will Guaransheed that they beat either the Eagles or Bears.

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Bengals are the #1 seed in the AFC at the moment at 5-2… and their kicker still thinks they should be 6-1… LOL


“I don’t get paid to play screens, I get paid to rush the quarterback” DT Fletcher Cox, the Eagles’ Jamie Collins. Been stealing $$ all season, nearing end of career. And he’s their “star” on defense, with Brandon Graham out. They are regretting giving a true interview to Deuce Staley, not just the Rooney Rule style. This head coach makes MP look like BB, and their DC admitted he didn’t have a defensive scheme.
As of today, Pha. 3-3.5 favorite, for those interested :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Bengals remind me a lot of the 2011 Lions RN. After years of pretty bad drafts, they had three drafts where they picked upper tier guys and its paying off.

if the lions play the same dumbass defense of no pressure until the game is out of hand, like last time, then no they won’t beat the bears.