I think Yooper slipped up and was referring to the 'new' topics section which is 98% politics

there was like 2 football related threads there,10/5/19 . but I think he thought that was also supposed to be FULL ON “New” Football Topics , and not more of thee OTT part of the Den.
I’m not apologizing for his remarks and actions…but thinking he slipped up is all. I add…that, each and ever DEN had an OTT separated from general football discussion…that I have ever known and I was part of the one Massive DEN for about a year before the “split / divide.” so I’ve been to { at least} 3 different versions of the Den thus far , and have been around the block a time or two here. It’s my belief they all had an OTT in some fashion.

Nah, he’s talking about the “New Topics” and “Unread” showing both OTT and Football notifications.
OTT is basically flame bait, all the time. We had very little discord around here, and then we found the OTT, again. It’s like something you can’t unsee, because the notifications are in the drop menu.
Too bad they aren’t separated. The OTT just keeps sucking you in…

Here’s a screenshot that shows how to keep OTT from your views:

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Cool! 8 out of 12 “New Topics” are OTT political in my current “New Topics”.

Thanks for this tutorial, LB.

Fixed this so new OTT threads aren’t mixed with The Den. I’ll try to make sure notifications are muted too.