I wonder if McVay regrets

August 5th, 2019.

On that date, there was a story that broke Tom Brady had “extended” his contract by 2 years… except it was not an actual extension. Brady agreed to add 2 years to his deal in a procedural move to help the Patriots create cap space, and the 2 years were “void” years that actually GUARANTEED that Brady would hit free agency after the 2019 season with risk of a franchise tag.

September 3rd, 2019.

About 1 month after news broke that Brady would hit UFA… McVay agreed to extend Goff’s contract.
Goff still had 2 years left on his deal, and the Rams could have used the franchise tag for a 3rd year of team control.

McVay could have waited to extend Goff, and kept the door open for Brady to pick the Rams!

But… 7 months after Brady beat McVay and the Rams in the Super Bowl… McVay closed the door on the possibility.

If Goff had not got his extension, the Rams could have possibly signed Brady for less money than they paid Goff, and then got draft picks back by trading Goff… who would have still had 1 cheaper year left on his rookie deal.

How about that for a woulda, coulda, shoulda???

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That’s the ultimate bogus 20/20 hindsight wisdom. Extending Goff was the right move at that time because it was before Captain America re-inserted himself into the fabric of the space time continuum.
If Mcfly does anything else at that time we would have all been under Biff’s control forever. Oh wait.


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I could believe McVay and Snead thought about it. Not buying that Brady was ever coming to the NFCW at all, though; too tough a division.Among the fans & local media, there was more speculation about SF than LA, as Goff & G-String’s reps waxed & waned,respectively, at the time.

People forget that TB had the 3rd highest scoring offense in '19, & that was before the three "B"s joined the club.The defense wouldn’t have looked that bad, either, if Winston hadn’t kept putting them in impossible spots with his picks. A mediocre division, ripe for domination, in other words .
Besides, Florida is a notorious haven for tax evading douchebags. You can take the Cheatriot out of New England…

Personally, I’d rather eat out a dead dog’s ass than see Brady in The Horns. Damn your bones for the suggestion.

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love it!

I don’t think McVay and Snead have eaten enough :poop: about that Goff extension. It was a terrible decision and cost them in terms of money, in draft capital and in opportunity cost.

We’ll see if Stafford is the magic potion for fixing that decision

Yep. Had they not had Goff they could have traded for Stafford and just used a 3rd round pick. But they had to throw in two 1sts to include Goff in the trade.

I read it on the internet.

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I actually think Arians played a role in Brady’s decision. Arians is known as a players coach who lets his QB have a certain level of autonomy. I don’t think McVay would be as willing to cede some control to Brady the way Arians does to his QBs.

What guarantees Brady would have picked the Rams?

Because who wouldnt want to play for the football genius that is McVeigh?! Hell, he makes Belichik look dumb as a box of hammers…Brady really missed the boat on that opportunity…/s

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Certainly no guarantee.

The point of the topic is that it was 100% guaranteed that Goff would be under Rams team control for at least 2 more years evwn without extending his deal… and Brady had 100% freedom to go to any team he chose after 2019.

McVay limited his options when he signed Goff to an extension before he waited to know what the possibilities would be after 2019. One could argue that Goff could have played even better than he did in 2018 and commanded a higher salary than he got at that time… but he was already paid a record setting $110 million in guarantees… so the Rams didn’t even get a discount for signing him early.