I would keep Graham Glasgow

Graham Glasgow PFF grade was eighth best among 28 qualifying guards, and he didn’t allow a single sack.
This was for season 2019 Now I think Lions are looking to sign Joe Thuney
I don’t think there is much difference between all the OGs who are FA .

I will watch to see how much each get before FA is open. I think why let him walk an create a hole unless they have someone on roster to take his spot next.

In terms of what Thuney will get on the open market, it will likely be in the neighborhood of a four-year, $35 million deal.

If we lose him or he is tagged I think Lions should keep Graham Glasgow IMO that is more Graham Glasgow contract range for 4 years an Thuney will get more. I think we should keep Glasgow.

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At this point I doubt a final decision has been made
Could be that he’s said he wants to test the FA market
And has told the Lions they’d get a last peak
It’s not ALWAYS that the Lions want to make weird decisions
And it’s not ALWAYS that the player wants out

Given that there’s been zero chatter about him, my guess is he has simply told them he’s going to test the market first
That’s a fair position to take

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To be honest there has not been much chatter about any player getting new contracts. I wonder if teams are waiting to see if the new CBA gets approved. It would make a difference in the terms of the contract.

I am still hoping that the Lions keep GG. though i know there is a chance they don’t.

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Huge mistake to let Glasgow go. Pay the man, he has done everything you asked of him. He played Center, RT Guard, LT Guard, he shows up every game and balls out. This is a guy in his prime and coming into the best football he will play. He was a draft steal and now you have to pay him. Lions should be excited about how they were able to find and develop him. They should not be casting off maybe the OL on the team.


Glasgow told the Lions he was going to test the market. The Lions didn’t tell him, to check the market and get back to them. At that point, the Lions had every right to assess what GG brought to the table, which is okay. Lions didn’t do anything wrong here. They have to examine the FA pool anyway, so if Glasgow wants more than management thinks he is worth, then I’m good with the Lions shooting for Thuney. That is what being a free agent allows the players to play for the best situation they can negotiate.

The way the story read back in December is that Quinn hadn’t even approached Glasgow about an extension. Glasgow stated that “at this point, it would be stupid to not test free agency”.

To me there is definitely some blame on Quinn for dragging his feet and not even showing Glasgow that he has an interest in keeping him.

Time will tell, but I certainly hope that if we lose Glasgow that Quinn has a plan to back fill with equal or greater talent.

This just really seems like another case of Quinn over thinking things.

Gezz dude have u ever admitted to a Quinn and Patricia mistake , every move they make you chime in say how right they are. Lols you backed every move all the way to a 6 and 3 win season.

Look, Glasgow wasn’t happy about the platoon system and thinks that hurt him. I think the Lions had to get a look at their back-ups. It simply isn’t true the Lions dismissed him. If they wanted fo they could just let him walk. I’m sure the Lions had no idea how the CBA was going to work out and they have only a vague understanding of the IOL market right now let alone in January, but if it serves your agenda go ahead and smear the GM and the organization, at least half of these guys will swallow it.

What if they upgrade?

I think they’re going after Thuney.

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Could be, and I guess I’d be alright with that…if that’s the plan…and if he can actually convince Thuney to come here.

But at this point all we know is that Quinn seems to be prepared to let a very versatile and competent OG go, and everything after that is “if” and “hope”.

The Lions are not going to sign a FA OG or they would just keep Glasgow. The point is that they have Dahl and Wiggins and can afford to let him go and get paid. This is where they have isolated a place to save cap space. They will focus on OT in the draft as Walker is in his last year and we still need to consider whether Decker is staying long term.

Wiggins is a UFA also so they don’t have him. Why would you let Glasgow walk an pay few million more a year for someone else . I think they end up keeping him.

They have more Cap space than they need to spend. They have 3 key UFAs next season to sign Decker…Golladay…Slay. the rest can walk an they reduce there cap from this year.
Walker is signed through 2021 an if you mean Wagner the OT he is signed for 2021 also.
We are about 46 million under cap right now. If they trade Saly an I hope they don’t thats another 10 plus million on Cap

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I am still in the grouping of keeping him but whatever they do do, I want it to work!!

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I agree. Sometimes you are so much better off taking care of your own than making alleged slight upgrades. This is even more true in regards to O-line where you must have chemistry.

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100% brother!

If they feel the money is well spent, you keep him. He’s done nothing from a fans POV but whatever they have asked.

He versatile and already been I. The new system and did well in it!

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I don’t think the Lions are as high on him as the fans are. I think they view him as the weakest link. Keep in mind we ran a 3 person OG rotation last year. All 3 of those guys are free agents too. The Lions haven’t made a single attempt to resign any of them.

We have the money to spend on OL too.

I’m expecting changes. I think we’re aggressive at getting an upgrade.

I can see this too.

lol - I know I am just a fan……

I just want the 5 who start to win the trench with consistency passpro or runblocking!

Actually 2 of them are FA, Dahl got signed to a 2 year deal last year.

Wiggins, GG and Aboushi all rotated playing time at RG. All are free agents in 2020. None have been offered a contract.

Dahl played LG and was signed last year to an extension.

I’d like to see Glasgow stick around if we can make it happen. He happens to be solid (although not great) but his versatility is an asset. Seems to me that he’s improved each year too so that is also encouraging. That’s the type of building block player you look for when you draft them. I hate when I see young players we drafted leave and have success elsewhere because they started to peak at a contract time.

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