If Aidan goes number one

Should we seriously consider Kyle Hamilton. There are lots of questions about Tibby and Kyle is being talked about as a chip you could move around anywhere …6’4 and that speed. With AG, he could be real playmaker they keep saying is needed on the outsides…


I’m not sold on Hutchinson so it really doesn’t matter

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I was thinking this last night. Tibbs scares me with the sentiment that he’s not 100% committed to football, referencing outside the game distractions. Then, I think of Miles Garrett and I believe they said that of him, and he’s an All Pro. Having outside interests isn’t a bad thing, just want to get a difference maker for this team. This must be a can’t miss pick!


I’m nervous about Thibs from the 2 Utah beatdowns I watched. He did look elite in the UCLA game though. The motor and work ethic is what I’m unsure about with Thibs, he’s clearly a freak athelete.

Reminds me a bit of Clowney. So much hype for both of them, both super athletic and both disappear a lot watching game film.

Hutch is going to be a solid pro, perhaps an elite pro. The floor is strong. Thibs has a much better ceiling, but it comes with some questions marks, and there is much more risk involved.

The player interviews leading up to the draft will be very important for the Lions. We are building a culture here, and we need the right fits. And B. Holmes said exactly that in his press conference about the importance of culture fits for team chemistry. Penei Sewell should also be able to give a good breakdown on Thibs, he went up against him in practice a lot and his brother Noah played with him the past 2 years as well.


I would absolutely take Thibodeaux. I think another interesting question would be, if JAX takes an OT like Neal and both Hutch and Thibodeaux are available, who would we / management take?


The Texans and Giants could both use a tackle to protect their QB. I think a trade down is in more in play if Hutch goes 1st rather than not.


I agree but when was the last time a team traded up into the top 5 for a non QB!?

Dion Jordan maybe?

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And what a disaster that turned out to be.

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Not sure if the last, but Julio Jones comes to mind.

Nevermind he went 6, close enough for me.


The point is it almost never happens, the Lions will be picking 2nd.

Thibs all the way, believe that this staff would get the most out of him.

But what if they are already in the top 5 , like the Texans and the Giants?

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But, teams already know the Lions aren’t picking an offensive tackle, we got Decker and Sewell. They would call our bluff in that scenario IMO. I believe it will be extremely difficult for the Lions to trade the #2 pick without a QB flying up the draft board. Who knows, maybe that will happen yet though.

Right. Houston and NYG could both certainly use one. What I’m suggesting is the Giants move ahead of Houston to get their tackle.

Yes, it’s wishful thinking.

File under plausible, but not probable


would take Kyle Hamilton an then are second pick Jermaine Johnson II edge or if they want big DL man i would take Travon Walker an rd two get the WR

After FA an combine will have better idea what we might do. This idea is based on no trade down

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IF Hutch gets picked, I think we have to take Thibs.

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I’ve been thinking along these lines…

Which is a better total value. Hutch in 1st and S in 2nd round OR Hamilton in 1st and DE in 2nd round.

There is some real value in DE in the 2nd round. I don’t see the equivalent value in S in the 2nd round.

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You think that one is a disaster. The Cleveland Browns would like you to hold their beer.

2012 Cleveland Browns traded up one spot with Minnesota, to take all world RB Trent Richardson at 3…
:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

If memory serves, Minnesota was going to take OT Matt Khalil anyways, so Cleveland outbid themselves. The only way this story doesn’t get worse for Cleveland, is they somehow found a way to dump Richardson to the Colts and make him someone else’s problem. Unreal…

Here are some more for fun.
2013 Dolphins trade up with the Raiders from 12 to 3 to take DE Dion Jordan. Whoops… Raiders took DB DJ Haden.

1995, Cincinatti trades up from 5 to 1 to take RB Ki-Jana Carter. Raiders took QB Kerry Collins.

Let’s also not forget this gem. 1999, Saints send their entire draft class including pick 12, to the Redskins to move up to number 5 to select RB Ricky Williams. Skins then wheel and deal and walk away with Champ Bailey. Redskins did use some of those assets to get Lavar Arrington in 2000 as well, but overall kinda blew this one. Saints managed to send Williams to the Dolphins for 2 firsts, so they at least redeemed their mistake.

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Didn’t we have a trade with Cleveland where they moved up 1 spot.? Some time in the last 13 years?