If Holmes called for advice, I’d tell him…

Great job in year one sir! The record wasn’t optimal, but the team played hard, kept things interesting, and surely showed fight and improvement throughout the year…

The fact that this was accomplished by keeping a viable option at QB, cutting 60M of dead cap cancer out in year one of the rebuild, and strolling into year two and three with more money AND picks than we’ve seen in forever…

“Sure we have to execute now, but I’ve seen zero reason not to believe in you guys…”.

  1. Reclamation projects- T Walker, A Bryant, AO, and Big V all look like viable starters even “plus”’starters after looking like guys who would be gone after their rookie deal, or cut after 2 years of a free agent deal…. BRAVO!

  2. Cheap finds- pulling off cheap deals for C Harris, J Reynolds, and Anzalone were great moves, but getting J Jacob’s and AJ Parker both for 3 years and 2.4M??? That’s amazing. They are easily #4 and #5 CBs on most nfl teams on 3 year deals for league minimum, and cost no picks!! Now both have plenty of starter reps…

  3. Avoid bad free agent deals- BOOM- Was there a single guy we signed that anyone wants cut? Nope, but there are one year finds we want back!! Opposite of prior regimes…

  4. CRUSH THE DRAFT- Sewell would already be hearing his name called this year as the #1! To also get a WR2 in round 4, a solid starting NT in 3, a potential CB2/3 in round 3… and still have 2 specimens in Levi O and Barnes? Don’t give up on either… Levi was young, a year out of football and injured during camp… let’s see him come back with his speed and hands, BUT AN NFL BODY! Barnes was miserably out of position, but his 2 sacks on low snap share and minimal rush opportunities, along with great speed and size? Could he be an Edge4 in the rotation in the Bryant role from last year? 25% of snaps and 4-5 sacks a year as a nice depth piece?

We got a Jimmy G- Derek Carr level starter(Goff) with more favorable age and 3 years left on a reasonable deal that can be cut pretty easily in 2023…. Teams are about to offer multi firsts and choke down 40M plus for Wilson or Rodgers…. That’s before they ask for more money!!! Yuck- no thanks.

  • some team will pay a 1st and 4th for Carr, and then next year have to pay him 5 years and least 180M with 100G! Yuck…. We got a similar player with less than 50M guaranteed left, and WE RECEIVED 2 FIRSTS, VS PAYING ONE- let’s not undo that please.

Lyonsfan, Well done sir, a great perspective on year 1!
I like your optimism on Goff, I don’t agree with it, but we are entitled to different opinions, (Mine just happens to be right :rofl: )

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Great perspective . I’m super excited about this off season.

You think A. Bryant looks like a starter? That’s awfully optimistic IMO

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You’re not going to get many comments on this post, so I want you to realize its because you said what you said so well! Nothing more to say.

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I honestly wouldn’t give him advice but instead affirmation. Just let him know that we believe in him and that this is the most buy in that this fan base has had in a long while.

Actually … one bit of advice. “Hey Brad, let Randle-El pick the FA WR target and you handle the guys in the draft.”

If you’re not sure about your 3rd round pick, don’t listen to the janitor, esp if it’s a running back.

Keep an eye on UConn defensive tackle Travis Jones today in the Senior Bowl.

Lot’s of decent TE’s in this draft, as deep as I’ve seen and we need one. If you’re not sure our 5th will be a good place to look and you can PM me if you can’t decide.

Take a WR that gets separation, more important than speed. Remember, Cooper Kupp ran a 4.62 at the combine.

Discounted tickets for members of The Den.

Fair. I’m a big advocate of rostering a front 7. I think a healthy A Bryant and JO kind of fill the roles of Arden Key and Ebukam in SF…. 30% of snaps on D type guy who can set edge a bit and get 4/5 sacks.

I’m one of the biggest JOkwara fans on here. I think we need to find another player to use in space the way we used him so he can just pin his ears back and rush the passer on most passing downs.

Stay the course.

Fair enough-

I’m a way too wordy novelist in here, sorry guys…

So I’ll replace the dissertation I was going to reply with, and instead ask a question I will gladly debate.

Name 16 teams in better shape than Lions at QB… good luck

Being top 16 is no real feat, but when that is where you stand one year after being forced to trade a franchise QB… it’s not bad either

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I think Romeo is back to Romeo by week 8… I would expect 5 sacks from him and to see him coming in strong by week 7-9…

I expect Harris (if back) to be in the 7-9 sack range, especially with more help in front of him, next to him, across from him, and on the back end.

I expect we squeeze another 3-5 sacks out of A Bryant.

As you stated, JO is the guy I’m most excited about. I see him being in the 7-9 sack convo with a 65% snap share…

I think we get 23-25 sacks from a 4-5 edge rotation just by signing C Harris, letting JO develop more, and getting Romeo back.

If we can get a 4-5 sack DT, get 3 from McNeill, and 3-4 from Levi-

Sprinkle in a few from ILB and DBs and I think 34-37 sacks is real if we stay remotely healthy.

Marcus Williams, Walker in better role, AO healthy and more refined, Okudah back, Iffy with a full offseason, Jacobs and Parker with some NFL experience- we will be far better in the back end.

We need a legit interior rusher- and 2 more stout ILBs

If Holmes called me for advice, I would tell him to stick with natural organic shaving cream, and let him know…buy this razor. The vibrating handle isn’t just a gimmick, it makes a difference.

Further, shave in the shower if you can, I typically have a mirror in my shower, as it makes a huge difference in softening the skin to get a closer cut.

Also…if you are asking me for advice on football, you are barking up the wrong tree, because you know WAY more than I do.
Also…Trust Malik’s energy, bro. He has potential to be a very high level leader, and I think he will be.

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Holmes isn’t calling for advice from a fan.

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Truthfully, he probably isn’t even calling me for shaving advice. Handsome MF’r. I don’t blame him.

Why would he call us for advice, when he’s got Jack Fox right there with him?


Julian is the one true freak in our current edges. Prior to his injury at ND he was a 4.5 40 guy and IMO he still shows that kind of juice.

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No shit.

It was clearly my roster assessment and off-season.

The fact that Goff was a downgrade from Matt, but still serviceable QB with 4 years of team control at age 26 was a steal given he was “thrown in.”

If we fell in love with a QB this year, we have the #2 overall. If not we have another piece of Stafford trade at 31-32…. If not we have a proven pro bowl QB for around the #10 QB cap hit next year.

If he balls out next year, we have him for TWO MORE years as a comparative bargain. If he doesn’t, we once again have 2 Beans in round one, and we’d simultaneously get cap relief, and we’d likely get a 2nd for him too.

There are teams like Saints, Steelers, Redskins, Bucs in true no mans land, less draft capital, no money and the same shitty draft class we stare at regarding QBs.

The Browns and Ravens have to figure out whether to commit big to Lamar and Baker, or else they are starting over. Neither is likely to win or make a SB next year… so next year is kind of all or none for them, and then start over. Same with Raiders.

What do the Giants, Panthers, Broncos, Vikings, Falcons, or Texans do. I would bet most of their fans don’t love their present or future, none would want to sign a big extension


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I’d tell Brad that he doesn’t laugh enough, and the solution to that is to set aside 5 minutes each day to read what The Den is worried about…
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Going into 2022 and planning on finding a replacement for the 23 or 24 season, I would take any of these over JG, I’m not taking into account salary, too much work to look up :innocent:

Justin Herbert
Mac Jones
Jalen Hurts
Kyler Murray
Joe Burrow
Josh Allen
Patrick Mahomes
Dak Prescott
Jimmy Garoppolo
Derek Carr
Ryan Tannehill
Matthew Stafford
Aaron Rodgers
Russell Wilson
Matt Ryan
Tua Tagovailoa
Kirk Cousins
Lamar Jackson