If Justin Tucker's kick has a different spin rate

We are either picking 4 or 5 and staring at Kyle Hamilton and maybe Derek Stingley.

Goal Post gave us Hutch or Thibodeaux.


I would be happy with hamilton

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Last time the city had a Hamilton, we won a title


Buffalo will win today, so Tucker making that kick made the difference between #2 and 5. Or Minnesota’s Joseph making a 54 yarder. Or Ryan Santoso missing his kick in Pittsburg because of SOS. Any one of those things changing would put us at #5.

The refs might be against us, the fates are watching out for us!!

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I have yet to hear someone make a convincing case that Hutch or KT are in a class by themselves.


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I agree. Hutch could possibly be that guy if he blows up the combine, if so I think he goes #1 though.

Regardless of what Thibz runs, there have been plenty of really fast 257 pound guys in nfl history. Pass defense, run setting and effort are why I don’t see him as well above the field.


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6o minutes has a feature on tucker right now and of course show that 67 yard record against the lion. Argh

It’s well known that the best way to draft is:

  1. QB
  2. Attack QB
  3. Protect QB
    That’s why these positions go first. Our QB has played well of late and the team seems committed to him. I still think they need a better backup, but you don’t draft a backup in the first 3 rounds. We have one of the most talented set of tackles in the league when healthy. It’s the reason almost everyone looked good running for us this year. Like all of the RBs looked good, that means your o-line is good. What didn’t look good is the pass rush. Now, I really like Hutchinson but I wouldn’t touch Thibedeaux with a 10 foot pole. I watched his games and he’s a no go for me.