Then wouldn’t the price for herbert go UP? Both teams need and want a Qb.if not tua i see love going bottom 1 or 2 (even though i can see 1 team drafting10 to 15 range) in most mocks. Mia and chargers start your bidding.

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I just want SOMETHING to happen. If we end up trading down, it would be cool to find out about it a day or 2 before the draft, just so we can all create new scenarios. I know there is sometimes more value in waiting till you are on the clock, but you could also find the trade partner getting cold feet/second thoughts at the last minute.

Sure, the price for Hebert would go up …
everything is relative
with no BIG TIME “risk-free” QB available, the price to move up to #3 seems likely to be below what we’ve seen in past drafts

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Note to OP, Please refrain from having a ten foot tall thread title in the future, unless the Lions win a bowl. thanks in advance.

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I would never do a trade ahead of time not knowing what’s going to happen at 2

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From that rumor it seems that both badly want Tua


What rumor? I don’t see anything.

Yeah, but I figure it’s 95% Young is going to the skins and anyone that would possibly trade up to 2 would be taking a QB

All quinn has to do mention on tv a,anonymous team has offered them a tremendous package of draft picks for number 3 spot…

Right, so say we trade 3 tomorrow, then the skins trade 2 on Wednesday and we could’ve had CY… I would have a deal in place, but not execute the deal until pick #2 has been made.

That’s what I was thinking too.

Can someone tell me who the source was that somehow managed to see both draft boards?

Which is exactly what I believe will happen. Team “A” “If player X is available we will give you …” , Lions “As long as player Y is not on the board that sounds good. Talk to you on Thursday.”

Uh…come on Jersey…we all know it was the Easter Bunny!

This obviously smells of smoke, but Giants showing interest in Herbert can only be good news for us, tempting teams to need to leapfrog them.

Rumors are like assholes … you know the rest. Don’t believe a damn thing anyone says leading up to the draft, and not a whole lot after that either.

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yep, zero chance there is a trade ahead of the draft unless it’s the Bengals making the trade.

Nailed it. One of my favorites is “well, the (insert team name here) ____________ would have taken him if we didn’t”. After we reach 3 rounds to take Tavai or trade up to take someone who runs like he’s in mud.

Hey Chargers, …it’s the Giants …you remember that time you took the QB we wanted and you made us pay a ransom to get our guy :thinking:

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