If Stafford is traded

Let me preface this by saying I still don’t think they move him but if they are dumb enough to (32 million dead cap) then give me Herbert over Tua please!

I don’t want a QB with injury concerns, especially with a significant hip injury that remains to be seen just how he will be moving forward!!

I think Herbert is a better prospect as well but that’s just my own opinion!


Agree 100% …a Healthy Tua pre injury and he was a hell of a prospect …(Not what I want in a QB style wise) Herbert would still be my choice and even more so sitting behind Stafford …If all were healthy …It’s Herbert , Tua, Eason, Burrows for me …Eason is a damn good prospect to sit for a awhile he is… raw… His arm is a canon .


Tank city and get Lawrence


I would still have Lawrence behind Herbert and a pre injury Tua … I’m sure he will grow on me this season but that last game Lawrence played was bad , throws were being bounced in the ground …he has a lot to prove in my eyes.

TLaw will be the true generational QB.


I think Tua is a far superior prospect and it’s not even close. Unfortunately he’s injured and I suspect his career will be shortened.

With that in mind if team doctors think he can play until he’s 30 then I’d take him. He’s the type of prospect that can turn a program around.

Stafford is not going to be traded and is being used to hype up interest in the pick. The dumbest thing the team could do is trade Stafford and it would be the last time I watched the Lions. We have seen some pretty idiotic decisions by the Lions front office, but this would be epic ignorance and a sign there will never be hope under this ownership.


Herbert has the best combination of speed, arm talent and size in this Draft at QB . The numbers put up with the talent level at WR with a group that ranks between 16th and 18th as compared to Alabama and LSU’s being ranked #1 & #2…Nobody did more with less talent and strength of scheme .

Justin Herbert in that offense over the past 2 seasons throwing to WR’s Dion Mitchell , Jaylon Redd , Brenden Schooler and Johnny Johnson with TE Jacob Breeland missing half the 2019 season …Compared to…
Tua in Alabama’s Offense throwing to Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, Devonta Smith & Jaylen Waddle and TE Irv Smith

Herbert had receivers drop 85 passes over the last 2 seasons and he still managed 61 TD’s to only 14 int’s , for 6622 yds with a 64% Cmp percentage in a run first Offense

If Herbert was on Alabama who has the best dropped pass rate in the entire SEC or (LSU this season) we would not even be discussing who is the best QB in this draft .

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Careful JRLIONS doesn’t like that kind of talk.

He’s not going to be traded. Just not happening this year for many reasons.

About 32 million of them.

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Say they trade him to the Chargers for #6 and a 1st next year.Then a team gets scared trades up with Was which leaves Young for us at 3 then we draft again at 6 which could land us another top talent.Then they have 2 1st rounders next year as well this to me would be the best case scenario.

That’s the biggest one. Additionally, you’re selling low with the injury uncertainty.

Lastly, if we assume that Tua would be their preferred replacement you can’t possibly sue the deal until draft day. Otherwise the likelihood that the Dolphins move to 2 is pretty high.

I guess if the Lions are fine with either Tua or Herbert then it could work. I’m pretty sure it’s just a silly rumor.

No question Tua is not the answer here in Detroit. Hebert is another post.

If we were to draft a QB at 3 it better be Tua. Herbert doesn’t have the “it” factor. I’m quite certain of that

Hey, here’s the best part. If we trade Stafford for the number 6 not only do we pay 32 million dollars against our cap this year for him not to play for us. We also have to pay an extra five or so million for the price of who we pay at 6. So it really cost us about 37 million. To trade Stafford!

Which means if they trade Stafford they’re not reloading they’re rebuilding


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The Chargers aren’t giving us #6OA for Stafford.

The it Factor? How much easier is it to have the it factor throwing to Irv Smith, Jeudy & Ruggs and when not in an offense that is dinosaur like , or when you have had 3 head Coaches and 3 different OC’s and 2 scheme changes ?
Herbert has more God given talent than any QB in this draft …He is also a guy who started for 4 years and is 21 years old …Herbert will be the best of the bunch

You disagree. I get it. I have my own opinion. I live in Eugene. I went to the same high school as Justin (though ages before of course.). I’ve seen him play live 7-8 times. I have friends that know his family.

He is a very smart kid, from a great family, with a very good arm, surprising athleticism and all that jazz.

That’s all great but he’s not a natural leader or at least not an alpha male. He doesn’t have that “dog” in him. He’s a little like Stafford in that regard. Also a bit like Joey in that regard though I think Justin does have more natural talent than Harrington did. What I’m saying has nothing to do with his WRs it’s simply how he is wired.

If I’m wrong about this I’ll happily admit it but IMO Herbert is destined for a Chris Chandler like career and that is actually pretty damn good in the grand scheme of things. But I’ll be shocked if he ends up taking the league by storm.

Conversely, Tua has “it.” He has those special ineffable qualities IMO. BUT Tua’s injury history scares the bejesus out of me.

Also, while Herbert has a very nice arm it is clearly inferior to Stafford having watched them both live many times. There is no shame in that. Stafford has special arm talent. Herbert’s arm talent is of course above that of Tua except for one important thing: Tua’s accuracy (much like ‘19 Burrow is off the charts.). It’s like power hitters. Hitting ability allows the power to play up. It’s the same thing with QBs and accuracy. Much like Stafford, Herbert can be accurate but it comes and goes. Personally I think being 6’6” may actually be a disadvantage when it comes to repeating mechanics with precision.

Don’t want to argue with you, NY. I respect your opinion. Respect your football acumen. We agree on a lot of things. We just happen to disagree about Justin Herbert and there is nothing wrong with that.

Well said…The accuracy part I think is a product of the system . Herbert’s talent is what it is …I do not know him personally I can’t speak to any of the criticism . I do know showing what Tua has as compared to Herbert , is well not comparable …the tools not remotely close . We agree on Tua’s talent but that Tua will likely never be seen again maybe this version of Tua will be fine but not the same . That’s a risk I would not touch.